Best Fitness Trackers For Women To Analyse 24/7

It has been a decade since fitness trackers are in demand. The market for such technology is growing. Since most of us living a passive lifestyle, our health concern like a heartbeat, cholesterol level, sugar level must be monitored. Here come the fitness trackers. It is available to us in the form of watches and bands ( like our 24*7 assistant ) to monitor and indicate which goes high and which goes low. Women need to stay strong all the time.

Fitness trackers for women and men are the new gifting option to give it for any lovable women in your life. You can find the fitness trackers in the range of $50 – $500.

It is an unobtrusive gadget that does not interfere with your daily activities and attracts little to no attention towards itself while at the same time giving you a clear picture of what your health statistics look like.

For instance, the fitness tracker keeps count of how many steps you have walked throughout the day, the quality of your sleep, and keeping track of your vitals such as your calorie count and your blood pressure. This wearable gadget also measures your heart rate.

Your body temperature is accurately accounted for by the fitness tracker. So, it is like a computer you are wearing on your wrist.

Numerous companies have released many fitness trackers such as wrist bands, rings, earphones, earbuds and more. All of them are nice in the style aspect and the functionalities. Let’s move on to see which fitness tracker is best for you and which brand provide the best.

Which Fitness Tracker For Women (& Men) Is The Most Accurate?

best fitness trackers for women

But, the thing with this technology is finding which tracker works the best for both men and women. The answer lies within the brand. Some high-quality gadgets available at the high prices produce accurate results while some cheaper versions may flounder. This high cost is given for the technology they embed.

Fitbit charge is the best fitness tracker in the category, and Fitbit is a trustworthy manufacturer. Why it is revered and rated well by fitness gurus is because it is accurate. It comes fitted with an accelerometer which does a rare exact job of counting your miles covered and steps walked. That is not the only job of Fitbit though, or else it would just be some glorified wrist band. The other thing it does is give you an observation of how your blood volume is changing with each different kind of physical activity.

Each fitness tracker is computerized and leaves no scope for error and assumptions which is what makes this a reliable one.

An example of such a fitness machine is Fitbit and Tissot watches.

The idea behind this machine is since you cannot go to the doctor each day or even when you feel a little pressure, therefore, when the device on your wrist suggests an abnormal activity, and you think you are ill then it is a danger indicator so that health hazards can come under control early.

Which Smart Band Is The Best One?

Another fitness tracker is a smart band. The best one today in the market is Moov. When you are doing a workout, the machine gives you audio commands based upon your movement and your heart rate, and it is as if you were in a gym and working out with the help of an instructor. For instance, the machine would tell you that your impact is too high and you are landing with a thud, then the machine is instructing that you should place your feet lightly on the ground.

You could take the machine with you in the pool because it is waterproof and it would tell you the success rate of your laps and your heart rate. Moov helps you improve the efficiency of your swim and better your technique. Same goes for when you are cycling and partaking in multiple sports.

If you were to talk about the Tissot watches, then this brand too could be your favorite fitness watch brand. It has a natural health and fitness feature; it is waterproof and, and it should be your companion as you go cycling. It also comes in different versions, and you could customize your watch to choose your style.

Top 3 Fitness Trackers For Women

The three most loveable fitness trackers for women are Tissot, Amazfit moonbeam and Wilful Pedometer


fitness trackers for women

Tissot watches cum health bands come in a way that it gives you multiple sports modes such as indoor and outdoor run, both indoor and outdoor cycling and swimming. Since it’s water resistant to the highest degree, it will enable freestyle swimming, breaststroke, butterfly stroke, and backstroke. So, when you are swimming, you get to decide which stroke you are doing, and good to tell you that the watch is life proof of oceans, beaches, and pools.

The heath strap can also control your music when you link the gadget to your phone. You can also manage your calling and messaging with the help of this band. The band is also comfortable so it can be worn during both day and night because it is light but durable. It would not come off during the night, so not to worry. In the morning, it would work as an alarm to wake you up with a gentle ringtone and a slight vibration. It also works with all Apple and Android smartphones. Its fashionable craftsmanship makes this a useful as well as attractive gadget.

Amazfit Moonbeam

best fitness tracking band

The Amazfit makes for style and substance. By substance, we mean that the watch monitors your sleep to find out if you had a light or deep sleep. This the watch does in addition to tracking each step you walk, the distance you cover, the calories you burnt, it is water resistant up to 3 feet and 30 minutes so you can go for a quick swim wearing the watch.

The watch has a very elegant design, and women would not feel they are wearing some awkward design in a health benefit gadget.

Willful Pedometer

 fitness tracking band

It comes in there colors, red, black and white. It first asks women their age, height and weight information. Then its strap which is made up of medical TPU decides how your heartbeat is functioning, and its design is such that the band feels very comfortable.

Hope these fitness trackers for women are being useful. Get one and make your life fit.

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