Top 20 Minute Exercises For Every Working Professional

There are many proverbs such as ‘Prevention is better than cure’ and a whole lot of quotes regarding health is available on the internet. But there are times when you think is 24 hours enough for a day? In similar times, you do not think about your health and giving exercise to all parts of the body. Last of all, you would have heard but forgotten the golden statement, ‘if you exercise for forty minutes and meditate for twenty minutes, the next 23 hours the body and mind will take care of you.’ In this article on Top 20 minute exercises for every working professional – the right pattern of doing the steps and proper breathing can give you the same vigor to continue the day-to-day activities.

The exercises, if done in the morning before sunrise and before having breakfast can give the maximum effects. However, ensure that you consult with the doctor in case you have undergone surgery before doing tummy exercises. Also drink half a glass of warm water before commencing the exercise. Start the exercise 15 minutes after drinking the water.

Ensure that you give the ‘warm up’ option to your body before starting the exercises.

warm up exercises for staying healthy

The warm up option can be done for three minutes. You can jog for three minutes thereby making every muscle in the body ready for exercise.

Then we move on the head part.


Head Exercises

Place the left hand on the side of the head. Now start to exert pressure on the hand using the head. The hand should prevent the head from moving sideways. The muscles on the side of the face will be exercised by this method.

Best exercises for overall fitness

Similarly, you can keep hands behind the head, and exert pressure on the hands. This will enable the back of the head muscles to become strong. Likewise, you can also perform the same process keeping the hands in front of the head.

Most Important: When you are doing any exercise, breathing is very important. In this case, withdraw breath when you are exerting pressure on the hand and release it when you come back to the normal position.

The sensory organs regarding our day-to-day activities are located in the head such as eyes, nose, ears. Proper blood circulation is essential in these areas or you can face discomfort such as headaches, eye pain etc.