Top 20 Minute Exercises For Every Working Professional


The eyes are one of the major sensory organs. It is essential that they be exercised at least once a day.

In recent times, computer work has become the forte and sitting on a desk with the computer and staring at the monitor non-stop except for breaks will put pressure on the eyes.

Four types of exercises:

Exercise 1

simple eye exercises for better eye sight

  1. You can bend your elbow with the raised thumb.
  2. Extend the elbow with the same posture and do not let your gaze wander off.

Exercise 2

Eye exercises for keeping eyes healthy

  1. You can keep the thumb raised and move your eyes along with the thumb. You can either do this exercise sitting on a chair or on the mat.
  2. After doing the exercise on the left hand side, you can do the same on the opposite side also.

Exercise 3

Exercises for maintaining same vision power

  1. You can also rotate the thumb all the while keeping your gaze on the thumb.

These exercises are important as you tend to look at the monitor with a steady gaze and the distance will also remain same.

These exercises, when done properly assist in strengthening muscles and help maintain the same vision power.  You also do not get headaches as a result of overstraining of the eyes.


Neck Exercises

Similar to the eyes, the neck also remains in a static position while doing work.

Important: Breathing

simple eye exercises for better eye sight

Types of neck exercises:

  1. You can tilt the neck to touch the shoulder on the left and right side. Hold breath when your head is going down and release it when you come to the normal position.
  2. Similarly, lift the neck completely upwards and then downwards. Hold your breath when you are looking up and release it as your head comes down.
  3. Move your head to the left side and then to the right side. You can hold breath when your head moves to the left side and then release as you move to the right side. You can repeat the same on the opposite side.


Improper posture or sitting in the same position can lead to stiff neck which is result of sprain. It could be the result of consistent working of only a specific nerve. Doing these exercises will prevent this pain.