Top 20 Minute Exercises For Every Working Professional

Knee Exercises

Exercise 1

Knee exercises for strong legs

Sit down on a chair and hold your hands near the thighs. Withdraw your breath.

Release the breath as you bring the knee and ankle to the parallel position to the hip.

Exercise 2

Knee exercise for developing leg muscles

Stand on your legs. Let the right leg and the left leg be divided by a 45 angle degree. Withdraw your breath.

Release the breath as your left knee is bent and the right knee touches the floor.


Calf Exercises

Exercise 1

calf exercise for deep sleep

Stand near a wall and place your entire body weight on the hands. Now fold the left knee. Hold your breath as you stand near the wall and release it when you lift the knee. Remember the ankle and knee should be in a parallel position.

Exercise 2

Stand in the same position as in the previous exercise. Placing the entire weight on the legs, stand on the foot. Remember to release the breath as you lift the ankles up.

calf exercises for preventing cramps in the night

If the entire body weight is on the legs, majority of the weight falls on the calves and feet. Inflexible muscles can pose danger to athletes, and in case of rheumatism, you can be prone to cramps in the night. Doing these simple exercises can buy you a good sleep and healthy legs.