What Is Beer Yoga And How To Do It?

Who would ever think that alcohol can be used as a part of a health exercise too? Beer yoga is a new craze this 2017. Yes, you have read it right. Beer and yoga in one word! Many people searched yoga beer in the internet recently considering that doing yoga while drinking ice cold beer is a chance to incorporate what you like (beer) to what you love (yoga), or it’s the other way around.

In the US alone, yoga has seen a significant growth within the past 5 years, particularly in the area of yogi spending patterns marked by an 87 percent growth totaling to more than 10 billion dollars per year!

Beer yoga actually started in Germany where 2 yogis – Jhula and Emily – conceptualized the idea of joining these two things together during a Burning Man Festival. According to its website, BierYoga commonly known as BeerYoga is the “marriage of two great loves – beer and yoga. Both are centuries old therapies for mind, body and soul.”

Yoga and beer

Jhuli said that drinking beer while doing yoga positions is fun but it is definitely no joke as it can be hard too. One of the benefits of beer yoga includes the fact that it doesn’t require advanced yoga skills. In fact, no yoga experience is necessary but rather just “an open mind and a love for beer.” The philosophies being taught in yoga classes are still incorporated in beer yoga along with the utmost pleasure of drinking beer to help you achieve the peak level of your consciousness. After all, alcohol can make you lose your balance if taken too much, but beer yoga might be able to help you deal with it in a matter of time.

Beer + Yoga Asanas = Does it Work?

Currently, beer yoga reached Australian shores as well as some countries in Southeast Asia. Recently, beer yoga UK was held in London and hosted by Funzing UK.

You should definitely check for yoga classes near you so that you can try this too. When looking for beer yoga classes, some may offer program where you will drink beer after your yoga sessions. However, real beer yoga classes incorporate the use and drinking of beer DURING yoga sessions by ensuring that you have a bottle of beer in your hands or as equipment during your yoga poses.

34% of Americans or 80 Million Americans will likely practice yoga at some point in the next 12 months

Though beer yoga has been a crazy trend today with lots of enthusiasts signing up for classes, some fitness experts disapprove of this strategy and considers the practice unhealthy and mainly a marketing strategy. Beer yoga is also not proven as a good substitute for a healthy exercise program.

How to do beer yoga?

Here are some beer yoga poses that you can try at the comforts of your own home:

1. Cup Holder Pose

This pose requires you to master the revolved chair yoga pose. The pose will help strengthen your legs and hips as well as exercise your spine and expands your chest. Hold the cup or bottle of beer between your hands in a prayer position as you do the revolved chair pose.

2. Slurp Pose

yoga beer

Want to drink that beer now? You may do so by doing a slurp pose. In this pose, beginners may make use of a plank pose while advance yoga practitioners can do a crow pose and take a slurp from the beer can or bottle placed ahead of you on the floor. Not only will you be able to get your booze, but these yoga poses will also help strengthen your core and your arms.

3. Extended Swig-Angle Pose

yoga beer

Do a triangle pose, and as you turn side wards and opening your heart to the ceiling, take a swig of your beer. The triangle pose will help relieve your stress and stimulates the functions of your abdominal organ. Moreover, a triangle pose will also strengthen different muscles on your ankles, knees, legs, abdominals, back and obliques.


4. Hold My Drink Pose

This is a very simple pose that even beginners can get an A+ grade. The hold-my-drink position makes use of the seated spinal twist pose. The position is known for its great effects on cleansing and refreshing. This also helps calm your nervous system as well as in maintaining normal spinal rotation. Having a beer in your hand with this simple yoga pose is an excellent way to relax indeed!

5. Double Fisting Pose

The classical tree pose is the feature of this beer yoga pose. And mind you, it looks easy but it’ll surely give you a sweat. The tree pose stretches your shoulders, torso, groins and thighs. It also aids in ankles and calves strengthening. Moreover, the tree pose will also tone your abdominal muscles. However, when you do this position, you need to ensure that you are able to balance yourself well. Now the question is, will you be able to balance yourself with the beer already in your system? Oh well, you’ve got to try it to find out. Simply get 2 bottles or cans of beer and hold it up high while balancing on a tree yoga pose.

6. Downward Facing Drink Pose

yoga beer

The downward facing drink beer yoga pose uses the basic yoga pose of downward facing dog. This yoga pose will help calm your brain and relieves any stress and mild depression. This pose will also help your body become energize as well as stretch your shoulders, hands, hamstrings, calves and arches. Moreover, for women, the downward facing dog pose will help aid in menopause symptoms and menstrual discomfort. When doing the downward facing drink pose, all you have to do is place a beer and a straw (if applicable) on your yoga mat as you do the procedure.

7. Chug Pose

Just like the name itself, all you have to do is chug down your favorite beer in a chair pose. It’s just like the way you sit on a bar gulping down a glass of beer, but without an actual chair. The chair pose is an excellent leg muscle toner. It also strengthens your back, hip flexors, calves and ankles. Most importantly, the chair pose is a good stimulant for your heart, diaphragm and abdominal organs.

These are several beer yoga poses that you can try at home, and there are many more too! All you have to do is make use of your imagination and include beer on appropriate different yoga poses that you are comfortable with. This is fun to do and new era to the yoga asana lovers.

Try it now and experience the relaxation brought about by the combination of beer and yoga in one setting!

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