5 Incredible Health Benefits Of Music

One good thing about music is when it hits you; you feel no pain.—The quote was of Bob Marley, one of the best singers of the past century.

health-benefits-of-musicHow can one not know or love music? In fact, there is hardly anyone who seldom shows a dislike to music. Some of the few examples are when your pet dog wags his tail happily when you croon listening to your favorite song.

You cannot deny the fact that music occupies a big part of our lives. The gentle waves of sound, being pleasant can enhance the moods, convey a story or situation or it can make us feel irritated or depressed. In this article, you are going to learn about the 5 incredible health benefits of music.

Music has been a part of the ancient culture in human history, and it can be best described as an art form where sound and silence are modified according to the tune or rhythm. Music can be classified into many types. In recent times, jazz music is played in creating a relaxed atmosphere for parties and other functions. Rock ‘n’ Roll music is usually played in bars. Melodious music is played in family restaurants and light music for grocery stores & shopping malls. If you have gone to a store where teen accessories are aplenty, they will have music, which caters to the generation.

Some of the favorite music genres are:

  1. Classical Music
  2. Dance Music
  3. Alternative Music
  4. Blues
  5. Electronic Music
  6. European Music (Pop/Folk)
  7. Hip Hop/Rap
  8. Inspirational Music (which includes Gospel)
  9. Asian Pop such as K-pop or J-Pop
  10. Jazz
  11. Opera
  12. Reggae
  13. Rock
  14. New Age
  15. World Music in the form of Beats

5 Best Health Benefits Of Music

best benefits of music

1. Stimulates The Brain Cells

Practicing music from a very young age has been found to stimulate children’s brain. They can grasp concepts easily, learn good communication, possess better visual skills, and have sharp reflexes. A study conducted on 4 to 6-year children has clearly established that those participating in music classes have developed high IQs, literacy skills, emotional intelligence, a better understanding of new words and learning new skills. This study is the icing on the cake – when exposed to melodious music for a long time, children below one year smiled more, displayed feelings of positivity and took the initiative to communicate more.

2. Aging Brain Is Kept Healthy

Listening to your favorite music in calm situations has been found to help old persons in keeping their brain cells active. Since all parts of the brain have to be involved to get the maximum impulse, you can very well expect the benefits of good memory and alert responses.

Persons suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia can improve the ability of their brain to communicate faster when they listen to music. The sound waves can stimulate the neurological activity and can enhance positive feelings.

3. Music Makes You Happier

Swinging to the beats of your favorite song can give you so much power and make you feel energetic.  Your brain is triggered and the feel-good chemical dopamine and you would be subjected to positive emotions such as excitement, happiness, joy. This can be linked to the same excitement when you are eating a piece of your favorite cake or chocolate or certain foods.

Oxytocin is the love hormone, which is released when you hear music, and you become prone to feelings of love, social recognition, etc. Serotonin levels in the brain can enhance positive moods, improve sleep patterns and memory power.

4. Heartbeat, Pulse Rate & Blood Pressure

Laboratory studies have shown that hearing music according to your preferences can strengthen your heart (but not jazz or roaring music as it can lead to hypertension) and reduce the recovery time of patients who have heart disease.

Music makes the brain release endorphins, the natural painkillers, which in suitable doses, can also enhance vascular health. Persons who have had surgery, when exposed to melodious music, have been found to be less anxious and reported less pain than those who did not listen to music.

5. Improves Sleep Quality

There is a popular but not respected word in The English language – insomnia. It has been found that stress and anxiety are some of the main reasons for this disease. Since music involves the entire brain, the activity can promote good sleep patterns and the result – peaceful sleep. There are some ‘ragas’ such as neelambari raga in the Old Indian culture, which has been told to cure insomnia.

6. Music Reduces Depression

Music is a wonderful antidepressant, best stress-buster and immediately helps in release of happy-hormone, the Serotonin. Music is also a very good solution to treat insomnia. Symptoms of depression reduce on listening to classical or relaxing music before going to sleep.

Good music signals the brain with a feeling of happiness and well-being which in turn signals the secretion of happy hormones, The Serotonin, Dopamine and also releases Norepinephrine (it invokes euphoria).

Certain types of soothing music have been beneficial to persons suffering from depressive mindset by improving happy positive hormones secretion more. Techno, heavy metal, rock music has also helped people to channel their rage and bring people down more from their anger-level.

Relaxing music will make a person more receptive towards enjoying it making them feel full soon i.e. music can make people eat less.

Important Benefit: Boosts Your Immune System & Reduces Pain
Music can reduce cortisol, the stress hormone, which is responsible for weakening the immunity of the human body, enhance the risk of heart disease, poor memory, reduces the bone density; can lead to low or high blood pressure.

Listening to your favorite music can improve the levels of antibodies in the human body. However, the benefits will differ as there will be physical and medical variations in each individual. Music may reduce the pain symptoms of chronic arthritis, post-operation, etc.

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