7 Best Ways To Improve Your Memory

You don’t really need expensive medications, medical procedures or advanced treatments to increase your brain power. There are some natural and best ways to improve your memory. You just need to follow some simple techniques that are given in this article. Before we explain you about them, let us comprehend our brain first. In the medical science of psychology, memory can be termed as the process by which information can be encoded, stored and retrieved exactly at the required moment.

Process 1: Encoding

The process of encoding is done by allowing information received from outside in the form of physical & chemical stimuli and the subsequent response.In the initial stage of memory, information is changed in a way so as to be put in the encoding process. Here, we have given information on the various ways to improve memory and how you can quickly bring about this change.

Process 2: Storing

The second process of memory is storage, where the information is maintained or collected for small intervals of time.

Process 3: Retrieving

The third process is the retrieval of information at the appropriate moment. Usually, the last part is related to consciousness. There is some information which you can remember in a jiffy, and there may be instances when you have to ‘put-a-drill’ to your brain for remembering. Say, for example, recalling an event or a phone number.

The Memory Perspective

  • Encoding: Or in other words Registration is where you receive, process and combine the information according to daily activities.
  • Storage: Your brain creates a permanent record of the first part of the activity in either short term or long term memory.
  • Retrieval or recollection or recall: Remembering the stored information to respond to a situation, either process or activity

Note: Forgetfulness can be described as the loss of memory in either a particular event or situation.

Types of Memory

1. Sensory Memory

This memory type is responsible for holding memory less than one second. The best example of this type will be when you look at a beautiful flower, enjoy and then forget at the next instant. In this type, you have three categories:

  • Iconic Memory – You see visually, record and then forget
  • Echoic Memory – This category is related to the sense of hearing, storing of sounds for short durations.
  • Haptic Memory – Best example of this type would be the touch where a database will be created for physical contact.

2. Short Term Memory

In this type, the duration is very short such as from several seconds to a minute.

3. Long Term Memory

As the name suggests, this memory type is the ability to retain or store abundant information for more time. The volume has not been measured.

Coming once again to the area of how to improve memory, it has been noticed that the function of the brain rises during adulthood and then slowly continues to decline in old age.

Although the above sentence is correct, it is also a fact that the fast pace life in recent times makes a significant contribution to loss of memory due to lack of sleep, poor diet, environmental toxins, etc. The advantage is that after reading this article if you make a firm resolve, you can turn the situation around by following a healthy lifestyle. A strict diet regimen and lifestyle can not only support the brain health, but also encourage the growth of new neurons, which is known as neurogenesis.

How To Improve Your Memory?

best Ways To Improve Your Memory

The memory center of the brain, known as hippocampus can assist in the growth of new cells and according to a recent survey, this part regenerates cells throughout the lifetime. You do not need to sit in meditation for 6 hours. Listed below are some simple tricks and best ways to improve your memory.

1. Eat Right

As Hippocrates put it – let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food – you would have understood from the statement that the nutritional constituents in the diet play an important part in the course of health. Eating right is one of the best ways to improve your memory or brain power. You can minimize your consumption of foods containing artificial preservatives, sweeteners, sugar and grain carbohydrates.

You can include celery, curry, broccoli, walnuts, cauliflower and other healthy vegetables. These foods contain antioxidants along with other components which protect the health of the brain and the additional benefits are – new brain cells are generated. Coconut oil or coconut based recipes are another best way to stimulate neuron function and enhance the memory power of the brain. The medium chain triglycerides (MCT) prevent the formation of neurological diseases.

2. Exercise

Physical activity is one of the best ways to improve your memory too. It encourages the brain to work at maximum capacity, as nerve cells are stimulated, the interconnections are strengthened and damage is prevented. When you do physical activity with each and every part of the body, the nerve cells are stimulated to release proteins (called as neurotrophic factors). The magical factor which contributes maximum for the promotion of neural health, learning, cognitive functions are known as the brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF).

As already known, regular exercise enhances blood flow not only to the brain but also to the vital organs which can assist you in completing numerous tasks and also not suffer from fatigue. The neurons are programmed to withstand stress – the result – your memory power is improved.

3. Multitasking

Multitasking done in a proper way with focus can, in fact, help your brain, whereas the same, if done with disdain can lead to errors and make your mind slow in its activity. It needs an alert brain to do many tasks at the same time, if you are carrying a bag of groceries in one and car keys on the next hand, you get a call, receive and respond. The next moment, after completing the call, you would be at a loss if you have put your keys somewhere and will end up searching for the item.

You can, however, carry out similar tasks but be alert to the point. Distractions will come and go but do not waste your energy in throwing them out. You can, however, do a meditation session before going to bed to relax the stressed brain and pass to a peaceful sleep. Multitasking will be difficult in the initial stages, but as the brain gets programmed, you will be elated that you can perform a variety of tasks at the same moment and get an upsurge in the career.

4.Mnemonic Devices

One of the best ways for improvising memory. You can remember concepts or information or words. Learning this method can help you streamline information, thoughts, or words.

Some of the methods are usage of:

  • Acronyms – example TY for Thank you
  • Chunking – to remember a telephone number, taking the first alphabet of the name and making into a sentence.
  • Rhyme – for remembering an occasion, using rhyme – the icing on the pie takes the cake
  • Visualization Technique – visualizing a favorite word for not missing class courses
    Smart Tips for Brainpower

5. Good Night Sleep

Sleep is the best form of relaxation. It has been found that your body stretches when you are in deep sleep and deprives according to the biological clock your body would be in disarray. If you are young, and a work alcoholic, your body would not show at first the signs of disarray but in subsequent periods of time, you would suffer from insomnia, mouth ulcers, cold or a cough. Lack of sleep can also be linked with immunity problems. Not getting deep sleep can put a heavy toll on the brain and can reduce your clarity when caught in an uneven situation.

Neuroplasticity is another name for the process of brain growth. Lack of sleep and other negative feelings can disrupt the normal functioning of the brain. Infants or children who properly sleep without any negative environment have a better ability to grasp new facts, and their memory patterns work more. A peaceful sleep will allow the brain to code the information in the proper format and retrieve the information when needed – the conclusion part – you increase the memory power of the brain.

6. Master A New Skill

Life awards the same opportunities to every individual – but it is up to you to decide how and when to use one for achieving success. The situations might be different, but the rewards will be the same and will depend on your focus. The task or new skill you learn must interest you and in a similar case, it has been found that the brain is used to its maximum limit.

The brain cells are activated when you learn a new art such as dance or participate in a martial art like Aiki Jujitsu. If you love the activity, you would no doubt feel energetic and on the whole, the brain cells will be relaxed.

7. Play Brain Games

Brain games are one of the best ways to improve your memory. Similar to any physical activity, unless the mind is challenged (any form of physical activity), it loses its sheen and gets confined to the normal environment and work. The functional activity of the brain begins to reduce unless you provide it with new favorable information.

In recent times, mind games have made a wide splash either on the internet or mobile. There are hundreds of brain games or let us say, brain teasers, which can assist you in sharpening a wide array of skills right from the reading hobby to improvisation in memorization.

In case you have decided to opt for this method, spend no more than twenty minutes per day. Spending longer amounts of time on this task may make the brain cells weaken, and you can suffer from fatigue. If you are not interested in playing brain games, make the time to learn a new activity or game.

Healthy Foods To Improve Memory

Now let us look into the nutrients which can spice up your brain.

1. Vitamin D

Vitamin D is vital for the proper functioning of the brain, and a lack of this component has been associated with loss of ability in memory and clarity of thoughts. The best source is the sunlight which you can get naturally, and the other sources are salmon, tuna and in the case of vegetarians, you can have cheese, mushrooms, cheese, etc.

Our ancestors stressed on the importance of fasting at least once in a month so as to burn the undigested fat which can cause heart problems. If fat is stored, then during the fasting period, it will start to burn which can increase the growth of new brain cells and enhanced productivity in the brain.

2. Gut Health

The gut can be called as ‘second brain.’ The bacteria from the gut can also transmit information to the brain. So now you know how mood enhancing foods can promote positivity in the brain. You can improve your gut health by including yogurt and other metabolism strengthening foods in the diet.

Some of the other essential constituents you need for a healthy brain are omega-3 fatty acids (herring, mackerel, salmon, flax seeds, walnuts); amino acids (oats, milk); good fats (polyunsaturated fatty acids – leafy green vegetables, nuts, fish, seeds) & monounsaturated fatty acids (nuts, avocados, olive oil); B vitamins (brain vitamins – B6, folate, and B12).

3. Water

The brain is composed of 80% water. It is important for any human to drink nearly three liters of water every day as they will lose fluids and other essential nutrients in the form of sweat, urine.

Having read the article, these are some of the very simple ways by which you can improve the memory. Regardless of age, you can follow a strict regimen and perform exercises so as to have the fitness to the hilt. Some people, however, have been gifted with good memory, but you can also come in equal with them if you follow the above mentioned methods.


Adequate amount of vegetables in your diet is essential for good brain function and memory. Include more of green leafy vegetables, broccoli, cabbage, kale, Spinach, beans, and green salads in your daily meal.

5.Antioxidants Berries

The berries are rich in anti-oxidants and flavonoids that help improve memory and boosts brain-function. Raspberries, blueberries, cherries, strawberries are rich in antioxidants and healthy nutrients good for brain. Use them lavishly in your breakfasts, salads, mid-morning snacks and the like.


Walnuts are natural brain-boosters rich in essential nutrients. It’s good addition to your breakfast, salads, mid-morning snacks, evening crunch time alternative and good source of essential fats.


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    • Foods to boost your memories are avocado, blueberries, celery, egg yolk, green leafy vegetables, salmon, turmeric, walnuts.

    • It will definitely help you in boosting your memory power Mr. Prateek keep on continuing it and you will see a improvement in your brain power.

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