Top 5 High Energy Boosting Snacks To Start Your Day Right!

We all know about the afternoon slump, which happens a few hours after lunch when we start to feel our energy take a dip. It happens in the morning too, usually a couple of hours before lunch, when it seems our body has burned everything we have eaten for breakfast. When this happens, don’t chug down another cup of coffee have a snack instead.

Dieticians recommend snacking on healthy food to keep the body’s metabolism at its optimum and boost energy, especially when you are at work or in school. Note that they key word here is healthy, which means your snack should be rich in nutrients so you can get the most benefits from it.

Many of the items in this list are things you may already have at home, while others such as high-protein bars and trail mixes are available from the supermarket or through online retailers. A word about shopping online: don’t forget to use discount codes and vouchers to get more value for your money and save it makes eating healthy more fun!

Here are some of the best healthy and energy boosting snacks to power up your morning.

5 Best High Energy Boosting Snacks

1. Apple-Banana And Peanut Butter Combo

Just a small apple or half a cup of banana slices coupled with a tablespoon of good ol’ peanut butter (skip the jelly) is enough for an energy-boosting midday snack. The body takes longer to metabolize the natural sugar in apples and bananas, while the protein-rich peanut butter gives the kind of energy that lasts.

2. Hummus Here, Hummus There

High Energy Boosting Snacks To Start Your Day Right

Hummus everywhere. Hummus isn’t only good for dipping pita bread and crackers in; it can also be a powerful, energy-boosting spread that can satiate your mid-morning hunger pangs. Make a delicious hummus-filled lettuce wrap with chicken breast, cucumber

, avocado, and carrots, and you will see yourself wanting to have the same thing for lunch (and quite possibly for an afternoon snack as well).


3. Trail Mixes, Aka Dried Fruits And Nuts Galore

High Energy Boosting Snacks To Start Your Day Right

For a sustained source of energy, go nuts over well, nuts. Almonds come highly recommended when it comes to choosing trail mixes because they are an excellent source of protein and fiber, which help in replenishing energy stores. To keep things interesting, add in dried fruit such as berries and figs. For the best, yummiest results, toss them in a small, 6-ounce cup of nonfat plain yogurt.


4. Popcorn

Popcorn is popularly associated with watching movies (or something equally entertaining, such as a Twitter war), but did you know that you can also get popping when your energy starts to take a nosedive? The fluffy popcorn works to fill you up, plus it’s a whole grain, which means it’s a healthier alternative to say, those deep-fried fries you love so much. Which makes one of the High Energy Boosting Snacks you can take in the morning.

5. Whole Grain Cereal Bars

Cereal can be had any time of the day, in any form. Because cereal bowls can get unwieldy at work or on the bus (there are those who have made cereal snacks in reusable food containers for bringing to the office, though), cereal bars are just the thing to have for when you’re on the go. Get some of those high-protein, fiber-rich bars that are low in calories, and you are all set!


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