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Home Remedies to Boost Your Beard Growth

Everyone wants a healthy beard. Well, that wish might not always come true as it can be stubborn at times and take forever to grow. Patchy beards are not usually the most attractive. It is for this reason that you need to invest in the best beard comb to keep your hair in check. That is not all. There is more that you could do to achieve a healthy and fast growing beard. Check out the following home remedies for boosting your beard growth.

home remedies for your beard growth

1.Exercise And Sleep More

It all starts with the basics. If you want to grow a beautiful beard, you need to embrace exercise and having enough rest. For your facial hair to be healthy, you must take care of the hair follicles. It is quite simple; exercise boosts blood flow what that means is your follicles will get nourished in the process, promoting the growth of your facial hair. Also, the more you exercise, the more you reduce the risk of having medical conditions that will interfere with the growth of your hair.

2. Eat Right

Another home remedy for you! You only need to eat right for you to grow a healthy and beautiful beard. You need to revise your diet. Note that hair is made of protein. You might want to consider having more proteins in your diet to have more hair growing on your face.

The right diet, in this case, will entail medium protein, carbs, and fat. The three boost the production of testosterone and DHT which speed up the process of hair growth.

3. Take Supplements

You also have the option of taking supplements that encourage hair growth. How do the supplements work? The said supplements contain compounds that boost the production of DHT and testosterone, which as aforementioned, play a significant role in speeding up the process of hair growth. For instance, LCLT supplements boost the sensitivity of androgen receptors which in turn allow the two hormones to enter into the DNA from where they enhance your beard growth rate.


Did you know that you could improve the growth of your beard using a derma roller? Well, now you know. What the tool does is create tiny holes in your beard area boosting the growth of your facial hair. How is this possible? For one, the rolling stimulates blood circulation, in turn nourishing your follicles and enhancing hair growth. Microneedling, on the other hand, prompts the body to send keratin and collagen to the needled area hence boosting the growth of your hair.

5.Exfoliation, Brushing And Facial Massage

Having a facial massage and exfoliating will not only make you feel relaxed and look fresh, but it will also boost the growth of your beard hair. Massaging enhances blood circulation hence providing nutrients to the hair follicles.

Exfoliating the skin under the beard, on the other hand, gets rid of the dead cells that may bar oxygen from flowing freely.

6.Stay Lean

You should not that body fat lowers the testosterone levels and DHT. What does that mean? If the two hormones are decreased, then fast beard growth will be hindered.

7.Essential Oils

If you want to use home remedies to grow your beard, essential oils should not miss in your work plan. Some of the most effective essential oils that will boost the growth of your beard include coconut oil, olive oil, and eucalyptus oil. It is no longer a secret how much coconut oil contributes to the growth of healthy hair. The fatty acids which are a component of coconut oil can easily find their way to the hair follicles, moisturizing them. The natural oil also has deep conditioning properties that will really enhance the growth of your beard and keep dandruff away.

Eucalyptus oil, on the other hand, will see to it that your beard grows stronger, shinier and fuller: you will no longer have to deal with a patchy beard. Your hair follicles will also be stimulated through blood vessels cleansing by eucalyptus oil.

8. Leave The Beard Alone

If you are just getting started with growing a beard, it is advisable that you just let it be. As tempting as shaping and trimming may be, you have to avoid doing it. Do not let excitement get in the way of you growing a big and healthy beard.

The only time you are allowed to touch it is only after a month or six weeks of growing it. That means even if it looks a little wild, it should remain untouched until then. You should also ditch myths that encourage you to trim your hair to make it longer. It is false and does not work. After six months of uninterrupted growth, you are now free to shape your beard, trim it and clean it too.

9. Take Care Of Ingrowths

Do you know what else is getting in the way of you growing a big and healthy beard? Ingrown hair. You should do all you can to keep them away from your face. Ingrown hair is the hair that curves back into the skin and causes a bump that looks like a pimple. On top of causing uneven growth of hair, they are also very uncomfortable as most are itchy and even painful.

No one wants a patchy beard: ingrown hair is a culprit. Ingrown hair results from a number of causes, some being hormonal and some which you can take care of. To prevent it, you should exfoliate your skin more often to get rid of the dead skin that usually clogs the pores causing the hair to curve back. You should also make it a habit to shave your beard in the direction that your hair grows. If you keep ingrown hair at bay, your beard will grow faster

Achieving beard growth using the home remedies above is effortless. With the handy tricks, you no longer have an excuse for not having a strong, full and healthy beard.

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