10 Home Remedies for Unwell Dogs

Seeing your pooch in a poorly state is up there with the things you want to see the very least in this world. Whether it’s pesky fleas causing them discomfort or ticks taking hold, you want to be able to help them, and with these simple, all natural remedies for unwell dogs, you can do just that!

Did you know that over the course of 2018, Americans were predicted to have spent in excess of $72 billion dollars on their pets? Furthermore, more than $32 billion of that figure was said to be spent on veterinary care, over-the-counter medicine and treatments!

It’s perfectly fine to want to help your pet stay healthy, or get over an ailment that they are dealing with, but that doesn’t always mean you have to go out and relieve yourself of shed loads of your hard-earned cash to acquire things that can be just as easily achieved via natural ingredients you find in your own home.

What you will see below is ten easy-to-use, but superbly effective remedies that will not only save you time and money, they will help your four-legged friend get back to full fitness in no time at all.

Top 10 Natural Remedies for Unwell Dogs

  1. Keep the Fleas at Bay with Some Citrus

It’s a well-known fact that fleas are not fans of citrus. So, with this in mind, it’s a good idea to help prevent them from make your pet’s fur their new home simply by rubbing in a small amount of fresh lemon or orange juice.

The active ingredient that kills the fleas is found in the rind of the lemon or orange, so bear in mind that straight juice won’t produce the same effect. It’s essential to use fresh fruit and to also soak them in water to get the optimum flea-killing benefits of citrus.

  1. Make a Rose Geranium Collar to Kick the Ticks

By using rose geranium essential oil, you can successfully keep the unwanted ticks away from your doggy.

All you need to do is combine around 20 drops of the essential oil with two tablespoons of almond oil; which contains sulphur, and is also a tick repellent. Carefully mix them together and then place several drops on your dog’s collar (these oils should not be used with pregnant animals during any stages of dog pregnancy.

  1. Take Care of Your Four-Legged Friend’s Feet

Keep an eye on your dog’s feet after you’ve been out for walks, and if they appear to be sore from things like hot or cold walking surfaces, rough terrain, or any kind of reason, it’s advisable to check their paws and toes.

Take care to remove anything that shouldn’t be there, give them a gentle bathe or wash and apply a gentle moisturiser. If they are at a point whereby they are bleeding, carefully apply some antibiotic ointment and gently bandage them. If symptoms persist, see your vet.

  1. Water Works Wonders Against Fleas!

We’ve mentioned how effective citrus is in the battle against fleas, but they also find it rather hard to stay in your pet’s fur when there’s water involved.

Simply run a bath for your pooch and give them a good old-fashioned rinse as well as you can. You might want to consider a gentle shampoo to help the cause as well.

  1. Use Chamomile to overcome Irritated Skin Conditions

Chamomile tea has been proven to be a great option when it comes to alleviating skin irritations that dogs suffer.

This is all thanks to chamomile tea’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. The natural polyphenols and phytochemicals found in chamomile tea are known to speed up the healing process.

All you need to do it make some chamomile tea, pour it into a spray bottle, refrigerate, and then liberally apply it to your dog’s affected areas.

  1. Vitamin E Can Help with Skin Issues Too

If your pup is experiencing dry skin, they can benefit from some healthy applications of vitamin E oil to help the affected areas.

Vitamin E is a strong antioxidant that can be effective at reducing UV damage in the skin. Additionally, when vitamin E is applied topically it may help to protect and nourish and skin from damage.

  1. Avoid the Dreaded Itches with Simple Oatmeal

If you find your dog is constantly scratching at all times of the day and night, you will know how frustrating it is for you and it’s only going to be even worse for your pooch. There’s a simple yet effective way to get them through this though, and it involves using finely-ground oatmeal.

Just add some water to the baby oatmeal, and then rub the paste onto the areas they are scratching at. Leave it on there for 10 minutes (try to not let them lick it off) and give it a rinse off with some warm water.

  1. Help to Maintain a Settled Tummy

Pets are just like us in that when they are on antibiotics they can encounter stomach problems when they the medication nullifies the good bacteria along with the bad bacteria.

An easy and pleasant fix for your doggy is to feed them a little yogurt that has live active cultures. Let them have it with their dinner and stomach upsets should be alleviated before you know it.

  1. Apply Epsom Salt to Treat Strains and Sprains

Have you spotted that your dog has developed an unexpected limp? If so, they may well have sprained or strained something while they’re exercising.

Don’t fret though, because the age-old remedy of an Epsom salt soak is here to help! Add ½ cup of Epsom salt into a warm bath then allow your furry friend to enjoy a five-minute soak in there, twice a day.

If you have a pup who’s dead against the bath, you can choose to soak a washcloth in Epsom salt and warm water before administering it to the localised area which will help with the treatment.

  1. Use Prunes and Pumpkins to Help Older Dogs with Their Digestion

For older dogs, their digestion system might not function as it once did. If this is the case, and you Fido appears to be straining and/or makes frequent attempts to do their business, then constipation could well be the issue.

Popping some chopped up prunes or canned pumpkin to their food is a sure-fire way to give them the kickstart they need. If they’re enduring a severe case, you can give mixing in a tablespoon of Milk of Magnesia a go as well.

*Prune pits are toxic to humans and animals, so be sure to keep the pits out of the equation.

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