5 Reasons Japanese Women Stay Slim And Never Look Old

We have all heard about the beauty of Japan. Their beautiful flowers, blue sea, green mountains, scrumptious cuisines, and vibrant culture, of course.  Now, if you have been to Japan or have explored a lot about Japan on the internet, you would have certainly noticed that Japanese women stay slim and never look old. Ever wondered how they maintain a beautiful body with a perfect skin? Let’s find out.

In the most recent World Health Organization study, Japanese women came in first with life expectancies of 87.0 years.

According to WHO, the top 10 the most healthy country

  1. Japan – 74.5 years
  2. Australia – 73.2 Years
  3. France – 73.1 Years
  4. Sweden – 73.0 Years
  5. Italy – 72.7 Years
  6. Spain – 72.8 Years
  7. Greece – 72.5 Years
  8. Switzerland – 72.5 Years
  9. Monaco – 72.4 Years
  10. Andorra – 72.3 Years

In Japan, people don’t eat food just for taste. They believe in extracting all the nutrition and health benefits from what they consume. So, let us unveil the secret behind their beauty.

Reasons Japanese Women Stay Slim And Never Look Old

1. They Eat In Small Portions

women stay slim

We all have been hearing that eating in small portions help in losing weight but how many of you have been taking this tip seriously? Believe it or not, Japanese follow this strictly. They believe in consuming in small portions and there is a valid reason behind this practice. Smaller meals make you have less and ensure that you remain in shape. In short, the lighter the meal, easier it is for the digestive glands to work. Also, it prevents the problem of overeating.

Besides this, Japanese also make sure that they add different ingredients to their meals. If you look at their cuisine, you will notice that they are small and always decorated with colorful vegetables.

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2. They Enjoy Freshly Cooked Meals

The Japanese prefer freshly cooked home meals on an everyday basis. In fact, their traditional meal will consist of a bowl full of rice, grilled fish, miso soup, sliced fruits, and simmered vegetables. You will also be fascinated to read that the

Japanese consume about 10% of the global fish, even though they make only about 2% of the world’s population.

Now, that equals to 150 pounds of fish consumption per year for every individual. So, this dose of essential fatty acids well explains why Japanese stay longer and fitter throughout their lives.

3. They Drink Green Tea

Women Stay Stronger

Japanese indulge in drinking green tea on a daily basis. However, their green tea is much different from what we have. Powdered green tea or what they popularly call it as “matcha” (matcha latte powder) is made from the best quality leaves. The leaves are first dried and then milled to fine powder, which is then mixed with boiling water and then enjoyed. This type of green tea is usually used in Japanese tea ceremonies.


Japanese citizens who drank five cups of green tea per day had 26 percent lower mortality rates.

4. They Prefer Seafood Than Red Meat

Even you know that how unhealthy red meat is. It is linked with heart attacks, inflammatory diseases, obesity, and cholesterol. Probably, that is the reason Japanese prefer to have seafood with either rice or noodles. Salmons, shrimps, tuna, and mackerels are quite popular in Japan. They say that fat cuts fat. Since seafood is rich in omega 3 fatty acids, they help in eliminating excess fat and ensure that the nervous system functions properly. Besides sustaining a healthy weight, these nutrients also promote beautiful skin and prevent other skin disorders.

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5. Daily Practice Of Martial Arts & Meditation

Japanese are well known for their exceptional forms of martial arts. Their popular styles include judo, karate, aikido, which play a vital role in their overall fitness and health levels.

Nearly all martial art styles improve cardiovascular endurance and fitness, improve muscle flexibility and build muscle strength. Moreover, they slow down the ageing process.


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