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5 Best Yoga Asanas for Weight Loss for everyone!

Our lives have become so hectic that we hardly get time to even enjoy what we have. At times we do not realize the extent to which this has affected our health and until one day there is this big fat belly that you notice when clothes getting tighter. What do you do then? Panic? Well, there are more than one ways to handle a situation and yoga could be your resort to lose weight. Although a practice that mainly helps to calm your minds and soul, there are the best asanas of yoga for weight loss at home. Let’s take a look at what you can do:

5 Best Yoga Poses for Weight Loss

1. The mountain pose

Yoga for Weight Loss

Tadasana is also known as the mountain pose. This is an ideal warm up asana that you can do to get in your yoga zone. This pose helps you in improving your blood circulation and ensures that your body is prepared for the other exercises that will follow. It is one of the most common poses and is easy to master as well. The exercise also helps you improve your posture but a person that is suffering from insomnia, low blood pressure, and so on must not go for this exercise because it may cause more damage.

2. The sun salutation

Yoga for Weight Loss

Surya namaskara is also known as the sun salutation pose. It is the merging of 12 different yoga positions, and the best thing is that each of these has a strong impact on your body. As you bend forward and backward, it allows for your body to do necessary stretches. On the other hand, deep breathing you perform during this time helps you in detoxification of the body. Make sure that you daily practice surya namaskara in the morning and best to face sun if you want to reap greater benefits. This pose will help in benefiting all body parts from your head to toe. As you practice your yoga regularly it will also help to keep you energized and healthy at all times. However, the word of caution for women during menstruation is to not perform it, and also pregnant women should consult with a doctor before performing this asana.

3. The Standing Forward Bend

Yoga for Weight Loss

There are numerous exercises and a combination of these is what you need for your weight loss goals to come true. As you bend forward the abdomen will get compressed and this will lead to the burning of fat. This compression will help in the compression of your tummy. Standing forward bend is another name for padahastasana. As you tone your abdominal muscles it helps to improve the digestion and also to strengthen your wrists and joints. People having problems with their spinal disc should not consider doing this exercise. It is an advanced stage of yoga, and so you need to come to this stage after learning the basics of yoga.

4. The Wind Relieving Pose

Yoga for Weight Loss

Pavanamuktasana is also called as the wind relieving pose to help remove various gastric problems from your body. The asana also helps you target ingestion and constipation problems. In this pose your knees are used to exert more pressure on your stomach. Holding the same position for more than a minute will help in triggering burning fat in this region. The exercise also helps you strengthen your back and tones muscles in your legs and arms. However, a word of caution for people suffering from any health issues needs to make sure that they take proper consultation from the doctor.

5. Try the boat pose

Yoga for Weight Loss

Boat pose or naukasana is one of the most loved poses in yoga. With regular practice, you can be sure to get a flatter belly and a fit body. Well, as you hold your posture for more than a minute it helps in contracting the abdominal muscles. When done in a boat like movement the postures will help you in toning your abs. this pose helps you in improving your shoulders, thighs, and arms. However, there are certain restrictions for people who are suffering from health issues, and so you need to take people help with regard to trying out this pose.

What should you go for?

Well, there are these and numerous other poses that you can go for in yoga, but you need to be sure about what to expect because then you will be making progress towards your goal. On one hand it is important to regularly practice these asanas; on the other hand, you need to also make sure that you get used to the primary poses first before getting into the more sophisticated poses.

Yoga for Weight Loss

Have proper discipline

An important consideration for your weight loss goal should be to have proper discipline. So whether you start with basic yoga poses or try to sophisticated ones, you need to be sure that you are disciplined and get the best out of your weight loss goals. At times, you might miss out on few days because of several reasons, but as your health goal, you need to make sure that you never give up on your exercise regime. Make sure to get back in routine by putting forth constant efforts to get back in shape.

Take professional help

At times, you may have to take professional help in order to get good proper training and understand the tricks and techniques that need to go in your poses. This will help you get the best out of your yoga exercises regime. Make sure that you get experienced yoga trainers recommendations if you are starting new because this will help you start in the right direction.

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The above mentioned points will help you get the best out of your yoga exercise routine. It is very easy to become healthy and lose your weight provided that you follow the routine every day. The time that you spend on your exercise will go a long way in providing you health benefits. So make sure that you try these poses and get the best weight loss results at home.

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