10 Reasons Changing Your Hair Color Isn’t A Good Idea

Changing your hair color can be a great way to completely change the way you look or just to experiment with something new. All over the internet, we can see men and women showing off their gorgeous, newly colored hair, which makes us want to get our hair dyed, too immediately. There are reason behind  to change your Hair Color.

The most fashionable hair color of 2017. When mentioned this topic, what is the first color word come into your minds? Red? Or purple?

After the initial excitement of getting your hair dyed, the hidden downsides of getting your hair colored come to light. Many things should be taken into account before sacrificing your natural hair.

Reasons Changing Your Hair Color Isn’t A Good Idea

1. Changing Hair Texture

This is one of the most common cons of hair-coloring. Almost everyone will first remind you of your natural texture changing after the hair dye. This may not always happen, but that does not mean it is risk-free. The drastic change in color may result in a complete change in texture. Although, adding gloss to your hair might make it smoother and shinier.

2. Expensive

Change your Hair Color at home is not a good idea especially if it a bold color, or if you are dyeing the entire length of your hair. Such procedures are better if professional hair salons undertake them. These hair salons may cost a lot considering the length of your hair. Even after the initial costs, there will be recurring costs to maintain the colored hair. The colored hair will need an entirely new set of hair products meant only for colored hair. These costs might not always be feasible hence they have to be known beforehand.

3. Allergy

Allergies might not be a common side effect of all hair-colorings, but you need to ensure that the hair color or dye you use is good enough so as not to cause allergies. Allergies are caused by PPD or paraphenylenediamine. This can cause dandruff, swelling, itchy scalp and redness. The skin around the nose and eyelids might also deteriorate.This may happen while change your Hair Color.

4. Asthma

Risk of hair color

Asthma again is not a confirmed side-effect of hair-dyeing, but precautions have to be taken. The persulfate found in hair dyes is known to cause it. Problems like lung inflammation, wheezing, severe cough and asthma attacks may persist as persulfate is found in 60% of the hair products. This is probably why most people contract allergies.


5. Skin Problems

Since hair dyes are known to cause skin problems, you should make sure that the particular product does not contain anything harmful as it might cause severe reactions. Skin problems can be in the form of itchy scalp, redness, and scaly skin. Such allergic reactions should not be taken lightly and should immediately be shown to a dermatologist.

6. Hair Fall

Changing your hair color

Although hair fall problems cannot be linked to hair coloring, it is quite evident that quite a large amount of hair fall takes place after hair dyeing. Sometimes this may be because of the bad job was done or because of the sensitivity of the hair to the chemicals found in the dyes. Breakage is quite common during hair dyeing, and it cannot be equated to hair fall. Again, certain measures should be taken, like conditioning your hair and maintaining it well.

7. Frizzy Or Dry Hair

Dry hair has been a perpetual issue in the debate of whether hair color ruins your hair or not. To prevent your hair from turning dry or frizzy, which it is prone to after coloring, many measures can be taken such as always moisturizing your hair so that it is never dry or conditioning it before or after the hair treatment. Several other hair products can be found to take good care of hair.

8. Cancer Risk

Though hair dyes may not directly cause cancer, its users have been linked to cancer cases. Those who consistently use these dyes or are around it can be most prone to cancer. Bladder cancer is said to be caused in the case of hair dyes. Change your Hair Color is one more reason behind cancer risk.

 9. Commitment Issues

Of course, with great hair comes great responsibility. It is not the hair coloring but the part that follows it is tedious. Maintaining newly dyed hair can be quite a task. It is only for those who can afford to be responsible (and buy numerous products needed). You need to commit to maintaining your hair so that it does not break easily and become dry.

10. Permanent Damage

Reds, purples, blues, and rainbows are currently in trend now. It is hard not to want such beautiful, mesmerizing manes that make you look like a cross between a unicorn and mermaid. While it is okay to be envious, you need to know what lies ahead of you. Once the colors wear off, it may not completely disappear. Bits and parts of it may remain, sometimes attaching themselves to the follicles. This may cause permanent hair damage. Hair coloring too often, in general, is not healthy as it can cause the problems mentioned above.

Most Important: Losing Out On Natural Hair

There are quite a few hair color ideas that we have saved on Pinterest or Instagram that we desperately want to have. We need to understand that in the process of change your Hair Color., we cannot let our hair die. It might not be colorful, but everyone has unique hair and texture which probably cannot be brought back once you dye your hair.

Bold colors like red can go horribly wrong. To avoid it, the red color dyes can be mixed with hibiscus tea to add naturalness in it while coloring.

We have all wistfully stared at beautifully colored hair for long hours, wishing ours would look like that too. Life is too short not to experiment with different colors. This can, though, be done in a more careful manner. Firstly, a wig can be used to see if the color does suit you. After that, if you still want to go ahead with it, a professional salon should be chosen. In the craze of trying differently colored hair, we should not lose out on our naturalness and appreciate it while celebrating those who choose to color theirs, too.

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