10 Bipolar Disorder Facts No One Will Tell You

Bipolar disorder is one of the most challenging mental illnesses that is affecting millions of people across the world. This is usually characterized by erratic and severe mood swings in between the normal stages. Lack of awareness and misdiagnosis can lead to severe problems and at times, may even cause the people suffering from it to attempt suicide. Consider this, here are ten bipolar disorder facts for you to know.

10 Bipolar Disorder Facts For You To Know

Here are 10 interesting facts about bipolar disorder.

1. There Is No Known Cure For Bipolar Disorder

This indeed is one of the most shocking bipolar disorder facts. There is no cause that has been identified for this condition. It is said to be more of a combination of things like stress, childhood trauma, genetics and heredity, hormonal brain chemical imbalances and a few other factors as well.

This means that if you are diagnosed with this condition, you are going to have to live with it for life. That’s the bad news. However, the brighter side is that it is treatable and can be controlled through therapies so that one can lead a normal life. And you can have good healthy personal and professional relationships too.

2. It Causes Irregular Sleep Patterns

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Being bipolar may cause irregular sleep patterns or even sleep disorders leading to the aggravation of the condition. To overcome this, make sure that you exercise regularly. “A healthy mind resides in a healthy body.” Have regular exercising schedules. Exercise helps to tire your muscles and can aid in you falling asleep.

3. It Is Related To Depression

One of the surprising facts about bipolar disorder is that it is related to depression and therefore it is very important to understand and accept that fact. Once you accept, it is easy to seek professional and medical help and manage the illness so that it does not affect your career and in turn your life.

4. Treatment Of This Disorder Depends On The Patient

One of the shocking bipolar disorder facts is that medicines don’t work for it. There are even variations in this disorder like Type 1 and Type 2 etc. It is very important to not try any self-diagnosis or unsubstantiated remedies for bipolar disorder.

Ensure that you seek a professional consultation. The right people can keep you on the right path to leading a normal life as best possible. Make sure that you do not skip your prescribed medications and therapy sessions for anything. At times, this could mean that you end up saving your life. It’s that important.

5. Relaxation Techniques Controls Your Mood Swings

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Practice deep breathing or meditation in the middle of a workday when you can. This helps a lot in relieving stress and controlling mood swings. These techniques also help you in taking your mind away from the anxiety triggers that could aggravate your moods.

6. Discussing It With Someone Will Help

It may be a good idea to discuss and share the condition with someone so that they are aware of the same and can help you along. When you and the people around understand your mood swings, it may be better handled.

It could also help you take time off for your therapy or help them understand your absence from work. There is a risk associated with the stigma people attach to these kinds of things. But the benefit that you could derive from being open about it at your workplace can help you along on the right career path.

7. Professional Therapist’s Assistance Works

Take the help of your therapist to understand whether you can handle a full-time regular work. If not, then look for part-time work that allows you the flexibility. But many times, it has been found that having a regular schedule that keeps one busy for a specific number of hours is advisable in working with bipolar disorder.

8. Identify Its Signs Early

Learn to identify the signs when you start feeling the stress and ensure that you start taking small breaks at such times before the stress builds up to high levels. This simple step can go a long way in controlling your condition and help improve your work relationships a lot.

9. Learn To Eliminate Stress

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Since controlling work-related stress can help a lot in managing this, it is important to understand your work, prioritize it and eliminate stress wherever and whenever possible. This can be achieved through diligent planning using organizers and calendars, breaking up big tasks into smaller achievable ones, delegating work where possible and pre-empting situations to handle them rather than allowing them to become full-blown crises.

10. Understand This Medical Condition

If you understand, you may be in a position to help others around you to understand the same. Positive societal behavioral changes of people around you help in managing bipolar disorder at work and sustain your normal moods. In other words, it could help prevent you from slipping into the doldrums of mood swings that plays havoc with your life, especially professional.

There are many myths out there to discourage you from the right path. However, ensure that you seek out only the right, experienced professionals rather than the trial and error types. This is a very significant first step in leading a normal life and working with bipolar disorder.


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    • Hello Malena Wilson, Bipolar disorder cannot yet be diagnosed physiologically by blood tests or brain scans. Currently, diagnosis is based on symptoms, course of illness, and family history. Clinicians rule out other medical conditions, such as a brain tumor, stroke or other neuropsychiatric illnesses that may also cause mood disturbance. The different types of bipolar disorder are diagnosed based on the pattern and severity of manic and depressive episodes.

    • While no cure exists for bipolar disorder, it is treatable and manageable with psychotherapy and medications. Mood stabilizing medications are usually the first choice in medication. Lithium is the most commonly prescribed mood stabilizer. Anticonvulsant medications are usually used to treat seizure disorders, and sometimes offer similar mood-stabilizing effects as antipsychotics and antidepressants. Bipolar disorder is much better controlled when treatment is continuous.

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