Top 7 Simple Foods For Breakfast

“Have the breakfast as a king, take lunch like a Prince and during dinner, dine as a pauper” – Proverb

One of the most well-known proverbs, how many in this hectic world can boast of having a nutritious and well-balanced breakfast? If you are only interested in completing work, kindly have a look at this article on top 7 simple foods for breakfast that you can easily have and rejuvenate your body.

Top 7 Simple Foods For Breakfast


Why Is Breakfast Important?

It is essential because the body and brain would be devoid of nutrients after night – as the name suggests – it is breaking the fast. If you compare yourself to a car, you will be running without petrol or diesel, if you had skipped breakfast. Nutritionists stress on the importance of having breakfast two hours after rising from the bed. Breakfast gives the body the well-deserved nutrients in the form of calcium, Vitamins, iron, protein and fiber. If the body is devoid of nutrients then they will be absorbed later from the foods you partake.

Glucose levels have to be restored to the required level for the brain to function properly. Breakfast can enhance concentration levels and memory power in addition to having a peaceful mind. The reverse reaction of skipping of breakfast – physical activity will decline and stress levels will be increased. The energy levels vary according to age and boys in the age of 7 to 10 years need to consume 1970 kilo calories per day, girls of the same age need 1940 kcal/day. In men the required levels are 2500 kcal/day and women (2000 kcal/day).

Breakfast can improve healthy bonding in a family. If the entire family had food in a happy way, the rest of the day would go easily regardless of the challenges you face. Children have to be taught to respect breakfast and develop excellent eating habits in the initial stages of life. A healthy breakfast assist with controlling obesity, enhances intake of fiber for the entire day and boosts activity of the human brain.


Weekends and Weekdays

Weekends are usually resting time for many, but it is advisable you have a healthy breakfast after doing the physical activity that can prepare you for the next office workdays. A proper rest, physical activity and full balanced meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner can be the best way to enjoy the weekends with your family.


Disadvantages Of Skipping Breakfast

Skipping breakfast can lead to gaining weight, heart problems, mood swings, osteoporosis, women may face menstrual irregularity, hormonal stress, low memory as well as low energy levels. The body would be starving for nutrients and not having breakfast can lead to increase in systolic and diastolic blood pressure, high blood concentration of insulin, free fatty acids, triglycerides and LDL-cholesterol.


List Of Superfoods For Breakfast

1. Bananas

Containing vast amounts of starch, the food is preferred by sportsperson after a workout. They also contain high doses of potassium which can reduce blood pressure the natural way. However, ensure that you do not consume bananas or any fruit raw. You can mix with milk or other fruit juices to get the maximum benefits.

best breakfast food


Importance Of Bananas

1. Recognized by FDA as the food that can help prevent a paralytic stroke and heart disease, due to its high levels of potassium & low salt content.

2. They are rich in pectin that supports digestion and assists in the elimination of toxins and other harmful substances from the body. Providing suitable support in this action are fructose and dietary fibers that aid in getting rid of constipation. The other nutrients a banana consist of are vitamins, potassium and magnesium that can rejuvenate your skin, enhances the strength of the immune system.

3. Tryptophan is an essential ingredient for retaining confidence – it gets converted to serotonin, the positive mood brain transmitter. Vitamin B6 in banana performs multiple functions such as assisting loss of weight, strengthening the nervous system, production of WBC (white blood cells), prevention of type II diabetes etc.

4. Iron from bananas can protect the body against anemia. They strengthen the growth of human-friendly bacterias in the bowels. If infected with diarrhea, banana is the best food bet to have as it restores all the essential lost nutrients.

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