5 Forgotten Vitamins That Can Actually Trim Down Breast Cancer

2. Vitamin B

How many of you knew that folate & vitamin B6 could actually help a lot with breast cancer? Well, this is true. According to a study at University of Hawaii Cancer Center, PLP (Pyridoxal-5-phosphate), a very active vitamin B6 form helps prevent breast cancer. Results of this research revealed that women with high concentrations of PLP had 40% low risk of developing breast cancer than women, who did not.

Vitamin B Foods That Help Fight Breast Cancer

A. Wholesome grains

wholesome grains for breast cancer

Enriched with essential vitamins, fiber and minerals, wholesome grains are something you shouldn’t miss in your daily diet. Choose grains like barley, quinoa, amaranth, oats, whole wheat and brown rice than their white, refined counterparts. Just heat them with milk & cinnamon and consume in the morning for a healthier breakast.

B. Legumes

legumes for breast cancer

Beans and lentils are a fabulous source of folate (or folic acid), fibers and other healthy nutrients that help to prevent cancer.

C. Garlic

garlic for breast cancer

Garlic is one of the best foods to prevent breast cancer. It has an active compound named allium, which is proven to put off breast cancer risks and slow down tumor growth. Yes, you might not like the garlic breath that comes along after consumption but if you want to lead a cancer-free life, garlic on a daily basis is a must.

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