How To Gain Weight Fast?

So, how to gain weight fast? If this is what you have been looking for, you have reached the right place. There are three basic factors mandatory for a human’s life – food, clothing and shelter. Talking about foods in specific, they are classified into two types:

  • Vegetarian and
  • Non-vegetarian

Since this article is about the best vegetarian diet to gain weight, we will talk in-depth about natural foods and their nutritional components. So, let’s get started. In recent times, vegetarian diets have become a fad among people. The reasons for switching to a diet may be many: health benefits, reduction of heart disease, diabetes and other diseases like cancers.

However, some individuals act differently. They do not consume meat but prefer vegetarian food in processed variety, causing harm to their health. If this sounds more like you, then it is important for you to consume organic vegetables, fruits, grains that are required for daily nutritional needs. Make sure to meet the healthy requirements of your body.

Types of Vegetarian Diet

  • A Lacto-vegetarian diet does not include meat, poultry, eggs, fish, and other foods. However, dairy products like butter, yogurt, cheese, milk are included.
  • The Ovo-vegetarian type has eggs but does not involve seafood, dairy products, poultry, and meat.
  • Lacto-Ovo vegetarian diet includes eggs and dairy products among its food but excludes meat, poultry and fish.
  • Pescatarian diet, as the name indicates, includes fish but does not allow eggs, dairy, poultry, and meat.
  • Pollotarian diet allows poultry to be included but excludes fish, dairy, and meat.

The most challenging diet, in recent times, is a vegan diet where eggs, fish, meat, poultry and dairy products are excluded.


6 Essential Vitamins To Gain Weight Fast

how to gain weight fast

To know how to gain weight fast, read this — you have to realize that for healthy living, you need vital nutrients. If you are a vegan, the diet will be short of nutrients such as Vitamin B12, so it is better you know the necessary requirements of the body every day.

1. Calcium And Vitamin D

Calcium is required for strong bones and teeth. The easiest way to procure this component is dairy products. There are other resources such as collard greens, turnips, broccoli, and kale. You can also get this vital component in soymilk, tofu, cereals and juices of fruits. Vitamin D is also important for bone health. Lack of this vitamin leads to pains and aches in bones.

2. Vitamin B-12

This component is required for producing red blood cells as well prevent anemia. Found in meat products, vegans have to rely on soy products.

3. Protein

Protein is mandatory for healthy organs, muscles, bones and skin. You can get this component easily in eggs and dairy products, but the best part is that protein is found in almost all plant foods. It is in nuts, seeds, whole grains, legumes, and lentils.

4. Omega-3 Fatty Acids

These acids are necessary for a healthy heart. Fish, eggs are low in omega-3 fatty acids. However, soy oil, ground flax seeds, soy beans, canola oil are valuable resources of omega-3 fatty acids.

5. Iron and Zinc

Iron is a vital component of red blood cells. You need to include lentils, cereals, dark leafy vegetables, dried fruit, beans and peas in the diet. Since iron has to be absorbed in the body, you need to consume large quantities of Vitamin C fruits and vegetables (example – broccoli, cabbage, citrus fruits as well as tomatoes) at the same time.

Since zinc also displays the same properties to iron in absorption in the body, it is advisable that you need easily digestible products. The sources of zinc are legumes, wheat germ, nuts, whole grains and soy products. Having zinc in the body is essential, as it is a vital part of enzymes; also plays a role in the formation of proteins and cell division.

6. Iodine

Iodine forms a major part in thyroid hormones, and it can assist in regulation of metabolism as well as function of vital organs in the human body. Vegans can suffer from lack of deficiency and may be affected with goiter. However, the human body needs only ¼ (teaspoon) of iodized salt per day.

Take The First Step

The best way to start a vegetarian diet is to slowly reduce the amount of meat in the diet, and at the same time, increase the volume of vegetables and fruits. Know the tips to get started.

  • Every seven days, slowly reduce your meat consumption and increase the number of vegetables, fruits and greens such as collards, Swiss chard, kale and spinach in the daily meals.
  • You can also make your favorite recipes without including meat. Instead of beef, add black beans or vegetarian chili; change to tofu instead of chicken in fajitas. Slowly, you can master the ways of recipes. In the course of time, you will find that many dishes need only simple changes and alternatives.
  • You can ask help from family, friends and yes, there is always the internet. You can check even the websites of restaurants. Having more variety in the diet can satisfy the nutritional requirements. The inclusion of more calories in the diet can lead to gaining of weight. But lean mass is always better than pounding fat.
  • If you have weight proportional to your body, you can have an impressive personality. To gain one pound, you should at least consume 500 calories more than your regular intake of calories per week.

7 Foods To Include In Your Daily Diet

best foods to gain weight

Now let us look at some of the foods that you can include:

To unveil how to gain weigh fast, you need to include some healthy and natural fatty foods. You can have a banana with 1 cup of milk. The best way to prepare a smoothie is by mixing both in a blender. If you follow the vegan way of diet, you can opt for soymilk or almond milk instead of the normal one. For more taste and benefits, you can also add cashew nuts, dates or spinach leaves to the blender to be savored again.

The other options are:

1. Mango and Milk

Mangoes can raise your body temperature but when mixed with milk, they make a potent combination in enhancing the weight of the body. The better combination will be when you mix with a teaspoon of honey. You also can have a fruit salad consisting of oranges, pineapple, watermelon, apples, and peaches.

2.Sweet Potato With Organic Butter

The combination will surprise you, but it is a lethal one. The potatoes can be classified as having low calories, but they can be called as ‘powerhouses’ when it comes to the proper body functioning. They contain fiber that helps in controlling appetite, regulating the digestive system and increasing muscles. The most important function of sweet potatoes is to maintain the electrolyte balance. Two teaspoons of butter are enough to make the gain.

3.Bananas and Other Fruit Salad

Every fruit has one or more benefits, but banana has more potassium content that can prevent conditions of bloating and cramps after an exercise. However, ensure you choose green bananas over the yellow ones. For evening snacks and after breakfast, you can relish this salad made out of banana, guava, kiwi, orange, pomegranate and watermelon.

4. Almond Milk

You can take five almonds, dates and figs along with a glass of milk. Have it daily before going to bed so that you can increase your body weight. You can also have a bowl of nuts consisting of cashew nuts, almonds, walnuts, and nutmegs. You can have an energetic breakfast, relishing lunch and fantastic dinner if you combine oats or sweet potatoes with these nuts.

5. Vegetables Cooked In Healthy Oils

Oils can assist you in piling up weight quickly, and the preferred ones are avocado oil and olive oil. Cooking with coconut oil is common in some parts of South India. Avoid soybean oils, which can cause harm to the heart.

6.Figs And Raisins

One of the popular remedies, which can help you gain weight. You have to soak six dry figs and thirty raisins overnight in water. You have to consume this mixture two times daily, the first time in the morning and during lunch. Carry on this remedy for a month and you can notice the changes. You can also include dates and other dried fruits of your choice.


You can change your snacks comprising of burgers, coffee, tea with fruit smoothies, shakes, and milk. These are not only healthy but also help you increase weight much faster. You can also create a protein shake of your own by mixing a blend of strawberries, spinach, coconut pieces, almonds, dates, etc. You can, of course, exchange with fruit salad consisting of avocado, papaya, dates, watermelon, banana, etc.

Usually, dieticians see a lack of protein in the vegetarian and vegan diets. You can, however, substitute animal meat with protein-based vegetarian diets such as soy, quinoa, beans, nuts and pumpkin seeds. Proteins are essential for building muscle mass. However, opt for almonds, pumpkin seeds, pistachios and walnuts as they have less cholesterol.

Note: Instead of three meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner), opt for six small needs with vegetarian options.

All said and done; you are geared to have more weight. Now, you also have to take care of your lifestyle.The following are said to have reasons behind your under weight. Most of the reasons like stress, food control could be done via meditation.Do this and you can gain a more weight as you expect.

Causes of Being Underweight

Family/Genes:No matter how much they eat, they still look under-weight or stay naturally thin and have low BMI. It’s because of their family genes.

High-Metabolic Rate:Some people have very high metabolic rate and stay active, all gets burned up and no fat builds up in their body despite high-calorie meals or how much they eat.

High Physical activity:People who are in to sports, jogging, running, athletics or just physically-demanding works tend to be under-weight or will never cross the default proper weight scale even by an inch. The reason is , they are involved with more physical activity and stay active with high metabolism which urns calories easily even after they rest.

Health Conditions: Health conditions play important role in under-weight. Treatments, medications, infections, diseases, surgery, recovery and all others will lead to under-weight/ severe weight-loss. Hyperthyroidism, cancer treatments, diabetes, tuberculosis, recovery-diets are few health conditions causing under-weight.

Stress/Depression: People suffering from stress, depression will have severe loss of appetite and will lose considerable amount of weight in no time. They need immediate medical support. Worrying, under constant-stress, all kinds of negative emotions will cause heavy weight loss.

Eating Disorders: People who have eating disorders like Bulimia nervosa, Anorexia nervosa, Binge-eating Disorders, improper food timings, over-eating/under-eating, over-exercising to compensate, unhealthy fad diets all are major problem causers.

Make sure you follow a clean healthy eating with a good active life-style; make them consistent because weight-gain can be a time-consuming process. Healthy weight-gain is what you need and not through junk eating.

If you had switched over to a vegetarian diet, you would be feeling lighter, but you can get healthy. A lack of lifestyle such as watching romcoms in the night, having food at an improper time can lead to obesity and make the situation worse.

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