10 Best Health Benefits Of Lime

The health benefits of lime contribute to different parts of the body. To name a few, it improves digestion, aids weight loss, treats constipation, looks after eyes, removes dead skin cells, cures scurvy, prevents urinary disorders, prevents kidney stones, etc.

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Health Benefits Of Lime

Lime is one of the most favorite and highly consumed hybrid citrus fruits in the world. Its sour taste has been reported to heal different health issues that many medicines cannot. Lime is typically round and green. Its scientific name is Citrus aurantifolia.

Limes are a good source of vitamin C and are widely used for garnishing a dish, refreshing a cocktail, adding flavor to beverages, making jams and pickles. Even though the exact origins of limes are unknown, some believe that they were first cultivated in Southeast Asia and Indonesia. Later they were transported to Northern Africa and other Mediterranean regions.


How To Take The Lemon Water On An Empty Stomach To Enjoy The Full Benefits?

We all have heard that drinking warm water with lemon will provide more benefits to health. Especially to the areas where the digestive system works. Apart from that from dandruff treatment to skin aging, it works wonders too. We can consume lime in any way but it is beneficial when taken it raw through the water.

So let’s see how to take this Lime water

it should be followed on early morning empty stomach. It cleanses your stomach plus it takes out the bad breath. It helps in weight loss, it freshness our skin and it balances our pH level.

Making Lime water is quite easy

  • Take a fresh lime and wash it out. Do not take the lime from the refrigerator. Things that are kept in the refrigerator is more harmful. For reference see here. So if you can get a fresh lime, use it.
  • Cut the lime into 2.
  • Now fill a glass of water and squeeze the lemon pieces into it
  • For flavor, you can add honey or salt ( a pinch level)
  • Now mix all these.
  • Lemon is good but drinking more will harm your tooth enamel. So 1 lemon per day is what we recommend.

10 Best Health Benefits Of Lime

Health Benefits Of Lime

1. Treats Scurvy

When a person lacks in vitamin C, he or she starts to suffer a disease called scurvy. This disorder is characterized by different and frequent infections, which are usually in the form of mouth ulcers, cold, tongue ulcers, cracked lip corners, bleeding gums, swollen gums, etc.

However, one of the best health benefits of lime is the ability to treat scurvy naturally. Since limes are enriched with vitamin C, they are highly effective for problems like scurvy. In fact, the scurvy treatment using lime has been popular since the 19th century when British Sailors were offered a daily dosage of citrus, as scurvy in those days used to be a scourge to many national natives.

2. Cures Urinary Issues

Limes are enriched with vital amounts of potassium, a mineral that is highly effective in eliminating the toxic precipitates and compounds that usually sediment in the kidneys as well as urinary bladder.

The disinfectant properties of limes help in getting rid of further urinary infections. Also, it clears urinary congestions and prevents the development of prostate in the urinary tract. These kinds of problems are more commonly seen in men of age 40. However, if lime is consumed on a regular basis, these health issues can be averted.

3. Natural Dandruff Treatment

The health benefits of lime are not just limited to the body. They do wonders for the hair too. The one common problem the majority of men and women face today is dandruff. A condition that is characterized by flaking of the scalp in excess amounts.

People use different kinds of expensive shampoos and advanced treatments to clear dandruff, but they tend to forget that even simple and inexpensive remedies can do great help. Lime is fortified with citric acid, an organic acid that is extremely beneficial and effective for dandruff problems. Just rub the lime directly on the scalp. Sometimes, this can leave the scalp dry. Combine it with coconut oil, almond oil, or olive oil. Or, you can even rinse the hair with freshly prepared lime juice but make sure to dilute the solution with water.

4. Maintains Healthy Gums

One of the root causes of major gum issues is a lack of vitamin C. If the case is severe, the person suffers from frequent gum bleeding, and the gums become spongy. Moreover, there will be excess microbial growth and the formation of oral ulcers.

Luckily, in all these conditions, limes are of great assistance. The vitamin C in them cures scurvy, potassium and flavonoids inhibit the growth of microbes in the growth while healing the oral ulcers simultaneously. Lastly, their astringents properties prevent toothache as well.

5. Combats Skin Aging

Just like lime, even its peel is great for health. One of the best health benefits of lime peel is the ability to combat skin aging. They have inhibitors for melanin production. As individual ages and is exposed to UV rays, pollution, melanin, which gives the skin its pigment builds up. Further, it deposits as skin spots. This hyperpigmentation can be reduced if a mask of lime peel is applied or the skin is scrubbed using lemon peel.

6. Helpful For Diabetes

Citrus fruits like lime and oranges are one of the best superfoods for diabetes. This is also clearly recommended by the American Diabetes Association too. The high quantities of soluble fibers in limes are a perfect dietary to control the body’s sugar absorption into the bloodstream. This, in turn, reduces the risk of elevated blood sugar spikes. Also, limes have a tremendously low GI (Glycemic Index) value. Thus, preventing that unexpected rise in the glucose levels.

7. Alleviates Piles

Piles is a very discomforting health condition, which occurs in the anal part. It causes pain, bleeding, and uneasiness during excretion activity. If the condition is left untreated, it can lead to the formation of cancerous cells.

However, limes have all the essential nutrients and organic compounds to heal wounds and ulcers in the digestive as well as excretory systems. It offers relief from constipation, which is reported to be the primary cause of piles.

8. Lowers Cholesterol

An abnormal cholesterol level is a red sign. If they are not brought back to the right levels, they can be a high risk to the heart. However, limes are one of the best superfoods to overcome this problem too. They have an important nutrient known as hesperidin, a flavonoid that has been demonstrated to reduce the abnormal triglyceride and cholesterol levels. If you are someone, who is suffering from increased cholesterol problems, it is highly advised to eat plenty of limes to boost the hesperidin levels in the body.

9. Aids Weight Loss

One of the best lime benefits is the ability to lose weight naturally. In fact, a glass of freshly made lime juice is the most admired drink for dieters. It is a refreshing, antioxidant drink. Since lime is tremendously low in calorie count and contains an abundance of citric acid, it helps in burning all the fat down.

To shed some pounds off, just add 1 to 2 teaspoons of organic, raw honey in a glass of freshly made lime juice. Drink this every morning on empty stomach for best results.

10. Helpful For Peptic Ulcers Treatment

Peptic ulcers usually build upon the stomach’s inner lining, upper small intestine, and esophagus. As the ulcer expands, it causes severe abdominal pain. But, one can prevent this issue if he or she consumes limes on a regular basis.

The organic acids in them lessen the gastric acidity by performing an alkaline reaction inside the digestive system. Also, the flavonoids limonin glucoside and limonoids in limes exhibit antibiotic, antioxidant, detoxifying, and anti-carcinogenic properties to facilitate rapid healing of oral as well as peptic ulcers.

Side Effects Of Lime

Like any other natural food, even limes have some side effects and interactions. Make a note of these.

  • Do not consume lime if you are suffering from GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disorder).
  • Avoid using lime if you already have serious tooth decay problems. Interactions can happen.
  • Never drink lime juice or raw limes if you have stomach ulcers. Limes are good to prevent them. But consuming them after you have stomach ulcers can be a red flag.
  • Stay away from limes if you have hemochromatosis.
  • Stop consuming lime if you have serious kidney problems.

Hope the article on the health benefits of lime made you aware of the right information. If you wish to tell us some more benefits of lime, please share in the comments section.

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