Natural Remedies To Relieve Severe Toothache

One of the common ailments that every person would have faced, at least once in their lifetime is ‘odontalgia’ or toothache. You get pain if inflammation occurs in the central region of the tooth (known as the pulp). Numerous nerve endings are connected to the pulp, and they are highly sensitive. In this article of 4 natural home remedies to relieve toothache information will be given on the causes and simple Do-It-Yourself techniques for getting relief from the discomfort.

remedies for toothache

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Major causes of this discomfort are

Abscessed Tooth – This condition is caused due to infection in the root of a tooth or infection in the area between the tooth and gums.

Tooth Decay – Improper cleaning of teeth can cause cavities that lead to this condition.

Fractured Tooth – The tooth would have become fractured because of a strong blow to the face or while eating a hard substance.

Infected Gums – The first step of infection is known as gingivitis in which the gums become inflamed due to bacteria and can lead to bleeding problems during the tooth brushing process. In case of further delay, the condition can lead to periodontitis. The area between the teeth and gums become infected.

Home remedies for toothache

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The teeth get sensitive during sessions of having food. You would not be able to chew hot or cold food.

The other symptoms are discharge or bleeding from gums or tooth, swelling in a tooth due to infection. If the infection is extreme, you can suffer from constant or a sharp throbbing pain in the mouth. You also suffer from a bad odor or taste in the mouth.

Side effects of tooth pain are fever, headache and some individuals also suffer from eye pain.

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1. Pepper and Salt

There will be a grandmother’s remedy for every simple ailment, and in case of toothache, it will be pepper and salt. The ingredients have antibacterial, analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.

home remedies for severe toothache

Step 1

Take two tablespoons of pepper and an equal amount of salt with one teaspoon of water.

Step 2

Chop the pepper into tiny pieces, mix with water and salt. Combine till all the components become a paste.

Step 3

Have patience and apply the mixture directly on the discomfort area. Let the paste remain for five minutes. The pain will decrease and you can continue the process for several days.

How Does It Work?

Cayenne pepper contains a component called as Capsaicin which can make the nerve endings in human body release the chemical known as substance P. This chemical can manipulate the pain signals back and forth from the brain. So you get relief from pain. Similar to cayenne pepper, black pepper contain the component, piperine similar to capsaicin.

Not Good For, If:

  • You are taking medications such as ketoconazole (Nizoral– for treating fungal infections in the body), fexofenadine (Allegra – used for treating allergy symptoms such as runny nose, sneezing and watery eyes) and Lovastatin (Mevacor – it assists in controlling bad cholesterol by the liver – it aids in prevention of heart disease).
  • You have high blood pressure, then consumption of excess salt can lead to hypertension. It can lead to stroke and heart failure.


 2. Garlic

Use of garlic can also offer either instant or slow relief from tooth pain. This vegetable has got both antibiotic and medicinal properties that can be described as very effective in reducing the pain. If you have got a tooth infection and pain as a result, garlic is the best medicine.

home remedy for toothache

Step 1

Take ten garlic cloves and one teaspoon of table salt.

Step 2

Crush the garlic cloves and make them into tiny pieces. Mix the pieces with salt till they form a complete mixture.

Step 3

Apply the mixture directly on the area. You will get relief from pain in ten minutes. Alternatively, you can chew three garlic cloves near the discomfort area.


Beware, garlic can burn the smooth skin and infected gums.

How Does It Work?

The main medicinal ingredient in garlic is the compound allicin that acts as a painkiller.

Not Good For, If:

  • You are pregnant or if you are allergic to garlic.
  • You are breast feeding a baby, other disorders such as diabetes, blood disease or stomach and bowel problems.
  • You are a diabetic, garlic can lower the blood sugar levels. In case you are taking medications for herbal preparation or dietary supplements, and you have taken the mixture, call for medical care if experienced the following symptoms such as difficulty in breathing, swelling in the lips, mouth, face and tongue.


3. Cloves

Clove oil can be described as the most preferred home remedy for pain relief for tooth ache. It is used extensively for fractured teeth, tooth decay and tooth and gum infections.

kitchen home remedy for a toothache

Step 1

You can buy pure clove oil in different brand names in medical shops. Just ask the pharmacist whether a small q sized container will also be provided with the bottle. If, not provided, buy one.

Step 2

Put three drops of clove oil in the q-tip container and apply on the affected area. The other option will be to put the clove oil on cotton cloth and put them near the toothache parts.

Step 3

The area can suffer burns, but the infection to other parts will be prevented.


You can either put only the clove oil or you can mix it with olive oil and make a mixture. You can also use the mixture for a mouth rinse.

How Does It Work?

Cloves contain a chemical called as ‘eugenol’ which has several medicinal properties such as antiseptic and painkiller.

Not Good For, If:

  • You are suffering from hemophilia as eugenol has the properties of blood thinning agent or if you are taking medications with anticoagulants, do not ingest cloves. Also, do not use the method if you are to undergo surgery in few days.
  • You have low blood sugar levels; cloves can decrease the amount of sugar in the blood stream. Refrain from using clove supplements if you are planning to get pregnant or breast-feeding a baby.


 4. Onion

Known for its antiseptic, antimicrobial properties, there is no doubt, onion finds a mention in this article. It can kill the germs and prevents an infection.

home remedies for toothaches

Step 1

You can peel of an onion and cut into small pieces.

Step 2

Put the pieces near the affected area and chew them. Let the juice cover the infected area.

Step 3

Alternatively, if you are experiencing severe pain, place the onion pieces directly on the area till you get relief.

How Does It Work?

The main medicinal ingredient in onion, similar to garlic, is the compound allicin that acts as a painkiller.

Not Good For, If:

  • You have a gastric influx disease problem. Do not follow the procedure if you have faced Heart burn before, while feeding on onions.
  • You are on blood thinning drugs, as onion contains major components of Vitamin K. It can interfere with blood-thinning drugs.
  • Persons allergic to onions can have feelings of vomiting, nausea and gastric discomfort.


5. Ice Cube

Step 1

You can break an ice cube into pieces.

Step 2

Wrap them in a small bag and apply on the affected area.

If needed, you can also apply the bag on the areas surrounding the affected area.

Alternate Method

IF the pain is more, then you can try the acupressure point. Try applying the ice cubes on the point of the V-shaped area between the bones of the forefinger and thumb. Rub the place with ice for five to seven minutes.


easy remedies for toothache

How Does It Work?

The nerves in the affected area go numb, thus giving relief from pain. Cold signals get transmitted to the spinal cord and from it to the brain. These signals override the signals of pain coming from the tooth.


6. Peppermint

Known for its pleasant flavor, do you know this mint also has numbing properties?

Step 1

Take one teaspoon of dried peppermint leaves and one cup of boiling water.

Step 2

Boil the mixture for ten minutes. Let it warm and then steep the mixture.

Step 3

The warm mixture should be swished around the mouth, then spat out. If you swallow some of the mixture, no harm.


simple kitchen home remedies 4 toothache

How Does It Work?

The chemical compound that gives the relief from tooth pain is menthol, a muscle relaxant. Also, the flavor of menthol also assists in reducing the symptoms of headaches attained as a result of tooth pain. Menthol is also known for its antiviral and antibacterial properties.


7. Swish Some Salt Water

Salt is essential for the taste of food and it can be used even as medicine.

Step 1

Take one teaspoon of salt and one cup of boiling water.

Step 2

Mix the two and allow the mixture to get warm.

Step 3

Your mouthwash is ready. Put the water in your mouth and swish near the affected area.

The duration of the process should be thirty seconds.

easiest home remedy for tooth ache

How Does It Work?

Bacteria need water and moist environment to survive. When the salt water draws water from the affected area, the harmful pathogens will be devoid of water and die. The process is osmosis and since most of the toothaches is due to infection from a broken tooth or a hole between the teeth, the infection is cleared. You also get relief at the same time.

Not Good, If:

You have mouth ulcers. The salt water may burn the tissues and situation might turn worse.


8. Myrrh

Known for its astringent nature, it assists in inflammation and the bacteria are also eliminated.

Step 1

You can take one teaspoon of myrrh powder and two cups of water.

Step 2

Boil the water for thirty minutes. 

Step 3

Strain the mixture and let it cool.

You can rinse your mouth with this mixture five to six times a day.

top home remedies for severe tooth pain
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How Does It Work?

The two medicinal compounds found in myrrh, famous for their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties are sesquiterpenes and terpenoids. Other components include eugenol, acetic acid, limonene, dipentene, alpha pinene and m-cresol.


9. Oil Pulling

The name is tacky, right? However the name might new but this process has been in use for ages to clean gums and teeth. Detoxification is the process followed and the benefits are removal of harmful bacteria and strengthening of gums.

Step 1

Take one teaspoon of coconut oil.

Step 2

If it is hard, heat it at low temperature to make it liquid.

Step 3

You can perform the process of swishing coconut oil in the mouth and for a duration of ten minutes, you can swish the oil.

Note: In the initial stages, you will find difficulty in making the oil move around.

easy available oil from kitchen for tooth pain

How Does It Work?

The ‘swishing’ part makes the bacteria stuck in the oil. You can also make a note of the ‘osmosis’ theory. The water is pulled into the oil and the bacteria, which thrives on a moist environment dies. And, the best part is lauric acid in coconut oil, known for its anti-microbial properties. The bacteria causing tooth decay (known as Streptococcus Mutans) is eliminated.

Not Good, If:

You swallow the oil. You may suffer from stomach pain or uneasiness.


10. Cinnamon

Cinnamon mixed with honey, can be a potent combination to treat tooth pain.

Step 1

You can mix one teaspoon of cinnamon with half teaspoon of honey.

Step 2

Apply the paste directly on the affected tooth.

Step 3

Repeat the procedure at least twice a day till you get relief from tooth ache.

kitchen remedy for treatment for tooth ache

How Does It Work?

Cinnamon contains eugenol, cinnamaldehyde as well as methyl chavicol known for their anti-microbial properties.

Not Good, If:

You are allergic to cinnamon. Kindly apply cinnamon on the arm, let the mixture remain for 30 minutes. If you experience irritation do not try this method.


[/tab] [tab title=Valuable Prevention Tips]

Do you even have the idea that dental problems can be avoided with proper dental care? There are some who take for granted every body part, will be the same even if they attain seventy years of age. You need to exercise the body for maintaining good health.

Brush the teeth twice a day. Brushing before going to bed in the night is mandatory. This process allows you to take off the food stuck between the teeth.

It is essential to pay a visit to the dentist twice a year for maintaining proper hygiene. In case of dentures or bridges, the dentist can offer valuable suggestions. New dental problems can be prevented if they follow the simple tips.

If you are playing a high-intensity game, kindly wear a headgear or suitable dental guard to prevent injury to the tooth.


[/tab] [tab title=When To See A Doctor]

You need to call the doctor for these reasons:

  • If your tooth pain is not reduced by any of the home remedies or other medications for more than four days, dental evaluation is needed. This is for evaluating the underlying medical problem if any.
  • In case of removal of tooth, after two days, if the pain has not subsided, the tooth socket has not healed properly.
  • Tooth pain may also occur because of swelling in the gums. The reason could be an infection in the jaw bone, gum or areas surrounding the tooth. This process may require the presence of an experienced dentist.
  • If you have suffered a severe injury in the tooth, a dentist must be contacted immediately. The risk of infection is thus reduced, and in case of fracture, suitable treatment is needed to save the teeth.
  • If you have history of heart disease, chest pain or other related traumatic disorder, tooth pain can be a symptom. Read the below-mentioned symptoms for this kind of tooth pain.
  • You get high fever and chills. Infection is more and you may need medication and treatment than regular antibiotics.
  • In case of headaches, nausea, dizziness or vomiting after a tooth injury, kindly note that the patient has been suffered damage in more than the face part and has to be taken to the hospital.
  • You get rashes along with tooth pain. The dentist will be the best person to decide the course of treatment.
  • People with diabetes, or had heart surgery, can get jaw pain as a sign of heart attack. In case, any of your family members has undergone surgery or have diabetes and have got tooth pain along with difficulty in breathing, it is advisable to see the doctor immediately.
  • If a family member has low immunity, suffering from drug or steroid abuse or diabetes, and they have got tooth pain, they are more prone to get infected. Kindly note, dental as well gum infections may need more than the appropriate treatment.

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 Natural Remedy VS Pharmacy

One of the common medicines prescribed for toothache, common cold, fever, minor aches is FLANAX – Further Lastin Analgesic Naproxen.

The other toothache medicine is called as Allimed which you find in capsules. In case of drops, you have Red Cross Toothache Medicine and Dent’s Toothache Drops.

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