Home Remedies For Joint Pain In Elderly People

Join pain is one of the often-heard term especially among the hard workers. It may also come for all age groups irrespective of their work. Generally, people above the age 65 can experience such kind of ache and pain due to the age issues. Joint pain can increase your difficulties over the things we handle. Nowadays many experts consider it as an issue that is most seen among the people, youngsters and seniors too. The reason can be anything from injury, broken bone, age related issues, arthritis, Gouts, food habit, their work etc.For more info check webmd

People have wrongly taken the foods finally ends up in the joint pain. When it comes to elderly people irrespective of taking medicines, they want to take up holistic approach for pain relief and pain management. Elderly people require a home caring specialist to take care of the age-related problems for example they need their support in the pain management and depression. It’s really a very common one to understand that chronic pain in elders lead to depression. Depression also lead a way to increased pain. So the given below are all given to elderly people when they appoint a home caring service in home.

Joint Pain Management at Home For Seniors

Really a pain management can be one of the most difficult things to handle when it comes for seniors. It has huge impact on the family that affect the way they behave with relationships. With joint pain they go through many physical challenges. It will definitely lead to emotional stress. In some cases, this pain management strategy, involves a very definitive care on seniors. When the people from home care assist them in their work like walking from one place to another, exercising and other care giver tasks it would be a great nursing for them. They would also suggest some of the home remedies to betterment from the joint pain.

Do It Yourself Home Remedies For Joint Pain

Cold Compress Using Olive Oil

cold compress for join pain

When the joints are going through a pain, olive oil and cold compress can be suggested for the seniors. Here is the quickest heal remedy for joint pain

Olive oil can do wonders. Massage the affected area with the cold compressed olive oil. You can also consume the olive oil though the mouth. The truth behind is 1.5 tablespoon of olive oil has the same effect as the pain relieving 200 mg ibuprofen. By using the cold compressed oil format, we don’t lose any of its medicinal benefits.

Hot Compress Using Ginger Extract

hot compress using ginger extract

Ginger helps a lot for the elders. It has many anti-inflammatory benefits. It helps the elders in maintaining the heart and joints too. It also performs the detoxification. We can use ginger in hot compress making.

Take 2 cups of water. Add one cup of fresh grater ginger in it. Let the water and ginger boil for 5 minutes. Now add one cotton piece into this mixture & leave it for at least 15 minutes. After 15 minutes you can turn off the stove. Take this cloth and put it on the painful area. Let the cloth be cooled before removing.

Sustainable Result – Capsaicin

Capsaicin for joint pain

Next to ginger extract there is super hot herb is on the list. Hot chilli pepper offers a lot of pain reliving properties. It’s an exact source from capsaicin. It relieves the pain by just diminishing effect caused by the substance known as P which is neuron receiver that carries the pain. Anyhow this medicine is not working instantly. But it takes time to improve. Once gathered it’s there for pain relief action for a long time.

Epsom Salt

Epsom Salt for joint pain

The next one for pain reliving is none other than the Epsom salt. It is made of magnesium sulphate and It’s good to reduce inflammation. So soak your painful area in the Epsom salt. To do this procedure take half cup of Epsom salt and mix it into the bowl of slightly hot water. Now take your painful joint and leave into the bowl water for 15 mins. Sometimes we would have joint pain in more than one place on that time, add water and Epsom salt accordingly and put it into a bathtub.

Add Some Spices Into Your Food

spices for joint pain

Some spices can add the flavor and provide us the nutrition we want to. We should add such spices in our food. Garlic, ginger, Caynne Pepper and turmeric all falls into this category. They all have the properties that reduces swelling and it also blocks the brain chemicals that spreads the pain signals throughout the body. Some people would have these chemicals in the foods like currie and other flavored rice. That is more than enough. Seniors should always eat a rice some spices favoured in it.

Yoga – To Keep You Up Active

yoga for joint pain

Joint pain can be greatly maintained with yoga. Many home care servicing experts suggest yoga for seniors as it gives a cent percentage visits. It gives a peace and mental ability to do the exercises. Most of the yoga poses are giving a pain relief no matter whether it’s a knee pain or joint pain.

Your home doctor or nurse can help you to do these excises. Some of the most recommended yoga exercises are Bound Angle Pose, Mountain pose, Bridge Pose, Hero Pose and Garland Pose. Yoga when practicing it daily, it will increase the relaxation of muscles and it also will help to regain the strength.

Take Enough Vitamin D From The Sun

walking-under-the-sunlight for joint pain

Many people wouldn’t go out to soak up in the sun light. But when getting aged the Vitamin D deficiency become a reason for getting Joint Pain. Soak up in the sun at the time of early morning when the sun rises and during the sun set is most recommended. It’s not only for elder people but for everyone this source of vitamin is very important. It actually help our body build against the rheumatoid arthritis.

To best practice morning walk or evening walk for just 15 mins is enough for us to get the Vitamin D.

Not only the joint pain but also any pain can kill us the most when we are at an elderly stage. At that more than the medication, the love and support will help them more in pain management. Even if we can’t get enough time to take care of their needs, we can appoint some one to help in all these medical conditions.

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