5 Worst Morning Habits You Should Stop Immediately

Every morning is a chance to kick-start your day fresh, right, and healthy just to ensure that the rest of the day goes smooth. It is 100% true that the initial morning hours are the “most important” because they can either break or make the coming hours. So, do you think you are keeping your mornings healthy and helping the body to be on the right track? Well, the bitter truth is that a majority of them fail in following the correct morning moves, which eventually, not only makes it unbearable for the mind to handle but also puts a lot of stress on the body.

There are high chances that you might be making any of these five health mistakes before 10 AM, which according to doctors and experts is bad, and you need to avoid.

1. Waking Up With A Jerk

morning mistakes

Many people tend to get up from bed with a jerk. This is certainly not the right way to wake your body up. After sleeping for 8 to 10 hours, your muscles are loose and relaxed in the morning. Springing out of bed will only strain and tighten the back muscles.

When you stand up after resting for long hours, the blood immediately rushes down to the legs, which causes a dizzy feeling and risks the body to slip or stumble. So, never do that. Instead, get up slowly.

Outcome: Getting up with a jerk causes lower back pain, spasms, ruptured or slipped discs.

2. Checking Your Phone Right After You Open Your Eyes

health mistakes before 10 am

Our phones are with us all the time. No matter where we are or what we do, they are our biggest companions. This also means that most of us sleep with our phones beside. So, why it is the biggest health mistake to check your phone the moment you open your eyes?

Here is the explanation – as soon as you wake up and check your phone, obviously, you are going to go through that big list of notifications, emails, social stuff, and other text messages. You will obviously fidget for a few minutes and reply to them. Rather than heading for a shower or doing a healthy activity or having a healthy cup of coffee, you are forcing the brain and body to succumb to what others want you to do.

One minute you are skimming those notifications and the next few minutes, you are typing long replies. This way you end up wasting at least 20 to 30 minutes or even more. Early mornings are really not the time for all these. They are one of the biggest and dangerous distractions.

Outcome: Checking notifications constantly during mornings trigger stress. Further, it leads to anxiety and depression. Eventually, you will fail to enjoy your mornings, and there will only be negativity around you.

3. Taking Your Phone Further To The Toilet

health mistakes before 10 am

The phone-checking session doesn’t end there. After seeing those notifications and replying to emails and texts, you succeed to get out your bed. Do a nice little stretch or probably look at yourself in the mirror. Then comes the loo-time, where again your phone travels with you.

A majority of people during surveys have admitted that they carry as well as use the phone when they are on the pot. The main problem comes when you want to wipe yourself. You keep the phone somewhere for the time being. Then, touch the flush, and with the same dirty hands, you use the phone again. The bacteria and germs are easily transferred to the phone. Your phone remains unclean and a prolonged habit like this causes sickness, especially gastroenteritis – diarrhea and vomiting.

Outcome: Using your phone in the toilet paves the way for bacteria and viruses. Further, they can cause infections and illnesses.

4. Exercising or Hitting The Gym Before Fueling The Body

health mistakes before 10 am

Workout sessions, particularly in the mornings are one of the best activities to do, but the question is, are you doing it right? Your stomach is empty and needs a fuel first. You are supposed to have enough carbohydrates and proteins to bring back the energy, at least 30 minutes before exercising. Just a banana or a handful of dry fruits will do.

Outcome: Exercising before a healthy breakfast results in tiredness, poor performance, dizziness, and low-calorie burn.

5. Skipping A Healthy Breakfast

health mistakes before 10 am

The current lifestyle is so high-paced that many people get ready in a hurry and skip the most important meal of the day – “breakfast”, thinking that they will have by 11.00 AM or 12.00 PM. Brunch is never a good idea.

The blood sugar levels in the mornings are too low, and if you don’t boost your body within 30 minutes to 1 hour after getting up, your energy levels begin to dip, making you feel lethargic sooner. Another biggest mistake people tend to do during mornings is have biscuits, tea, etc. Your stomach needs healthy foods. So have a few almonds, fruits, and wheat bread.

Outcome: Skipping your breakfast will only make you eat a big lunch or probably some unhealthy junk food during the snack time. Gradually, you will be eating the double of what you used to. It leads to obesity and the risk of other health problems as well.

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