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5 Hydration Tips For Your Skin While You Sleep

Sleep is just the best isn’t it? When we have had a good night’s rest we feel utterly invincible, like we can take on the world.

But while we may wake up feeling great what seems like a great night’s sleep for us can in fact be a terrible night’s sleep for our poor neglected skin.

Covered in makeup and exposed to the harsh elements all day, the night time should be a chance for our skin to recover from the hardships we have put it through during the day.

It is supposed to called, getting our beauty sleep after all.

But so often we don’t give our body the attention it deserves before bed and as a result we wake up with dry and damaged skin. Over time, this has a big impact on our appearance. Below are 5 Hydration Tips For Your Skin While You Sleep…

Tips To Stay Hydrated While You Sleep

1.Drink more water during the day

hydration tips for your skin

This is my number one skin hydration tip and in fact my number one general life tip – drink more water during the daytime.

I stress daytime because drinking more water at night just leads to countless annoying trips to the toilet, and nobody wants that.

Drinking more water is not hard and it will not cost you anything but keeping hydrated throughout the day keeps our skin and us healthier nicely moisturised. Think of your skin like a flower, well-watered it flourishes. Left dehydrated it withers and sorry to say but you will begin to look rough and pasty in the morning.

In addition, nobody wants a craggy-faced Tommy Lee Jones lookalike staring back at them in bathroom mirror in the morning, do they? At least I know I do not!

2. Sleep on your back

 It is said we spend a third of life in our beds. If you sleep on your front this means your lovely face spends a third of its time smushed up against your pillow.

Pillows, as fluffy and inviting as they may seem, are actually home to an accumulation of sweat, skin particles and residue of whatever moisturiser makes up part of your nightly beauty routine.

My advice, sleep on your back. Not only is sleeping face up better for your posture, your neck and your back. It is definitely better for your skin.

Sleeping sunny side up can take a period of adjustment but ultimately for you skin it is worth the initial discomfort. If it helps, there are special pillows out there that can help.

3. Keep cool

Now, getting all cozy is of course one of our favourite things about bedtime too.

But be careful about how manage your heat. Turn up the thermostat too far and the hot dry air in your bedroom will sap your delicate skin of its moisture.

If you want to keep nice and toasty, better to put on an extra blanket than to crank up the artificial heating.

If you have to have the heating on then make sure to wear nice breathable pajamas and maybe have a little think about shopping for a humidifier. A small investment yes, but one your skin will certainly thank you for later.

4. Always, always cleanse (Did I say always?)

I know it’s tough, you’re home late, all you want to do is crawl into bed and sleep but please don’t forget to cleanse. It just takes a few moments but the result for your skin in the long run is huge.

Even if you haven’t been wearing makeup that day, you still must wash your face. The world out there is full of things that just love to stick themselves to your skin, pollution, dirt and oil they all accumulate on your skin.

5. Go coconuts for coconut oil

hydration tips for your skin

I do not care what all those mango and avocado fan boys and girls say; the coconut for me is the undisputed king of the fruit. Not only is the tropical treasure completely delicious but it’s by products can be used for all manner of things, from cooking to keeping your skin healthy and hydrated. Coconut oil is naturally antibacterial and antifungal, and it is an excellent moisturiser for both hair and skin.


The people living in the Tropics have of course known this for eons, with coconut oil being the basis for many a natural remedy and many a beauty regime. Well fortunately for us, the secret is well and truly out now, and thankfully, more and more people are adopting coconut oil into their skin care regimes. If you have not tried it yet, you should.

Moisturise nightly with coconut oil and your face will thank you. Not only that, you will smell as irresistible as a Pacific island princess. Well there you have it, five simple tips to keep hydrated that your skin will simply adore.Now go get your beauty sleep, you deserve it!


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