5 Best Home Remedies For Spider Bites

1. Apply Aloe Vera Gel

natural treatment for spider bites


  • Take a fresh Aloe Vera leaf.
  • Cut open to extract its gel.
  • Apply the gel on the affected skin part.
  • Apply multiple times a day and continue for a few days for best results.

How Does The Remedy Work?

Aloe Vera: This evergreen herb not only reverses the signs of skin aging but also is one of the best ways to treat spider bites. It acts as a natural antiseptic and as an anti-inflammatory. The soothing properties of Aloe Vera help in relaxing the person from the itch and discomfort. It speeds the healing process while reducing the itch, swell, and pain at the same time.

The active compounds in Aloe Vera are anthraquinones, lectins, acetylated mannans, ploy mannans, and salicylic acid. The compounds anthraquinones have antibacterial properties whereas the phenolic compounds barbaloin, emodin, anthrone-C-glycosides, chromones, and anthracene exhibit antimicrobial agents. However, the compound Salicylic acid provides keratolytic effects on wounds, meaning it removes the dead tissues.

The Remedy Is Not Good, If:

There are no known side effects of using Aloe Vera gel. It is safe to use externally on the skin. However, if there is a severe burning sensation, consult a doctor.

Points To Note:

  • Keep the home clean and tidy.
  • Never leave your clothes on the floor.
  • Avoid using dust ruffles and bed skirts.
  • Clean the underside of the bed twice a month.
  • Shake the boots and shoes before sliding the foot in.
  • Do not attach the bed to the wall. Leave some space.
  • Vacuum the curtains every week to get rid of webbing, spiders, and their eggs.
  • Be careful while trekking and camping. Check your sleeping beds before using them.
  • Once the clothes are washed and dry, give a good shake before putting it in the closet.

Hope the home remedies for spider bites listed in this article are helpful. If there is any other natural tip, which you want to tell us, feel free to drop it in the comments section.