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Sleep Tips and Bedding Guide For A Heavier Body

What comes to mind when someone asks you this – which important activities can you dedicate much of your time to. The first thing that will probably come into mind is spending every single minute with your family. This is great as it enables you to bond with your family. Your next answer could be working at the office or running a home online business. This is another great activity that allows you to put food on the table, pay your credit card debts, pay off your mortgage, plan for vacations and shop for stuff at the store or online.

One thing does stand out and you probably forgot to mention it – sleep. Sleep is a time to get some shut eye and rejuvenate your energy levels. It plays an important role especially when it comes to your health. A vast majority of people assume sleep is a luxury like adjustable bed frames. Well, you will be surprised to know that sleep is a necessity.

Sleep Tips and Bedding Guide

If you fail to get the recommended number of hours of sleep, you will be at risk of the following diseases:

  • Depression
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Obesity
  • Dementia

As you already know, obesity is a major problem. According to statistics, 1 out of 5 adults are considered obese. In the US, this accounts for more than 70.2%. 1 in 3 adults are also considered to be extreme obese which accounts for 7.7%.

What Is The BMI Of An Obese Individual?

According to experts, an individual is considered to be obese if their body weight is at least 20% higher than it should be. For instance, if your BMI falls between 25 to 29.9, then you are considered to be obese. If your BMI is over 30, then you are considered to be extreme obese.

Risks Associated With Obesity

Apart from the complications above, it may result in mental discomfort brought about negative stigmas or what millennials and the Generation X call “fat shamming.” The heavy person may find it difficult to sleep well at night. In addition, the respective partner of the obese person may find it hard to have a good night sleep thanks to obstructive apnea and breathing constraints.

Want to improve your sleeping condition when you are obese? Here are sleeping tips for people with obesity.

Sleeping Tips For Obese People

Sleep Tips and Bedding Guide

As a heavy person, you will experience disruption in breathing when sleeping. This can lead to sleep obstructive apnea or snoring. Apart from that, you will be at risk of restless legs syndrome. This is where a heavy person ends up moving their legs when sleeping due to discomfort. As you try to lose weight, there are sleeping tips you can incorporate in your life that will ensure you have a good night sleep.

Choose The Appropriate Sleeping Position

When a heavy person sleeps on their back, there is the probability of snoring. This happens when breathing is disrupted. Medical experts have identified that health conditions like sleep apnea and snoring are brought about by excessive fat blocking the airways.

Some of the best sleeping positions recommended by medical experts include:

Reclined – in this position, your head should be raised to allow better airflow. Sleeping in a reclined position improves circulation, alleviates back pain, allows you to breathe easier, helps to calm your nerves and lastly, it improves digestion.

Side sleeping – this is much better especially when it comes to breathing since the airway is not blocked. For better results, make sure that you sleep on your left side. Sleeping on your right side will result in heartburn.

Ramp position – this is where a heavy person is sleeping on their back while at the headboard, it’s tilted at a certain degree. Learn more about the 9 benefits of sleeping elevated.

Use Shape Slanted Pillows

Shape slanted positioning pillows can be used to raise the head of the heavy person. Also referred to as wedge ramps, they can be used to raise the knees too. Basically, the pillows are used to create a custom sleeping position for the heavy person.

Try Positional Therapy

According to, positional therapy is a behavioral strategy that can be used to treat sleep apnea. What you ought to know is that there are heavy people with sleep apnea just from sleeping on their back. Also called the supine position, positional therapy can be used to alleviate the issue. It is quite common for heavy people to wear a special device around the back or waist. This helps to ensure they get to sleep on their side.

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Choosing A Bed For A Heavy Person

Sleep Tips and Bedding Guide

When choosing a bed for a heavy person, there are a few factors that you ought to consider such as:

Noise Free

Have you ever tried to climb into bed and suddenly, a creaking sound echoes in the room. Well, you are not alone. When searching for a bed for a heavy person, it is important to ensure the selected bed is quite and noise free. Make sure the bed does not wobble.

Strong Support

Heavy people pack a lot of pounds. When selecting a bed, it is important to choose one that provides extra support especially around the middle. While shopping, take a look at the frame of the bed. Is it sturdy or not? The best choice for a heavy person is a bed with a sturdy frame.

Type Of Material

The best bed that is able to handle the weight of a heavy person should be made from steel or hard wood. It should be spacious enough for weight distribution, should have leg caps and should not be box spring.

Suitable For A large Mattress

As you already know, heavy people have issues with uncomfortable pressure points, mobility and heat retention. When selecting a mattress, it is wise to ensure that it’s able to support the weight of a heavy individual, different sleeping positions and should be comfortable.

Options available include high density foams and memory foams among others.

Make sure the bed has enough space that is able to fit the mattress. If not, the heavy person will have difficulty sleeping. Apart from that, certain issues such as sleep apnea and snoring will escalate.

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