Intestine Cleansing – 7 Day DIY Home Diet Plan For Detox & Removing Parasites


Plan for Conquering Cravings

A proper plan has to be kept in place for keeping cravings at bay. You can try these few pointers:

  1. You can drink water.
  2. Walking can be termed as the best form of mild exercise during cleansing. Ensure that you do this activity in a green garden.
  3. If you are an avid reader, do not opt for books which has lengthy description of meals. 



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Raw Snacks To Be Relished

The team at understands that you have taken a firm resolve to do the cleansing process of intestine. You can suffer from low energy for the first two days. To have better health as well as resume your normal day-to-day activities in the best way possible, you can keep consuming the below mentioned juices and raw snacks. Kindly keep in mind, the snack does not make you feel lazy.

1. Fruit Salad

You can have a relishing fruit salad of pineapple, kiwi, grapes and watermelon.

fruit salad for satisfying hunger

The second fruit salad you can make is of orange, coconut pieces, blue berries, bananas and mango).

Fruit salad ingredients – watermelon, apple, guava, raisins, pineapple

Watermelon and cucumber salad. You can add a little amount of herbs such as mint or basil for taste.


2. Smoothies

Type 1 – Banana and apple with water

best snack smoothie diet during intestinal cleanse

Type 2 – Orange, pomegranate, pineapple,strawberries and grapes

Type 3 – Blue berries and banana

Type 4 – Raspberries, lemon juice, banana and straw berries.


3. Vegetable/Herb and Green Vegetable Salad

best vegetable and fruit salad for detoxification process such as intestinal cleanse

Salad 1 – Parsley  salad with cucumber and tomato. You can include a fruit such as guava or watermelon.

Salad 2 – Mashed potatoes, garlic, steamed flax seeds, spinach or Swiss Chard

Salad 3 – Steamed tomatoes with half-onion, watercress, steamed sesame seeds, thyme, coriander leaves


When To Stop The Cleansing Process

At any time, if you feel weak, dizzy, or irritated, the cleansing has done harm than good. It is advisable that you keep the physician’s number for emergency purposes. As per the instructions, first get rid of the symptoms of intestinal cleansing. If you are not able to feel normal again, then pay the physician a visit.

The idea is good; you have taken a resolve and made a plan too. But, just imagine for a second, the amount of pressure it will have on the intestine. The place would have been stocked with toxins and ringworms, so to make it a clean space, within a seven day plan would involve guts and determination.

Although there are plans with duration of four weeks, it has to be noted that the cleansing may depend on the condition of the people.

After a visit with the doctor, kindly follow the instructions to the T.



Seven Day Plan For Intestinal Cleansing


Reduce the consumption of alcohol, cigarettes, chocolates, red meat, nuts, legumes, grains, sprouts, protein-based foods and artificial additives and sweeteners.

Step 1

Before the start of the program the previous night, have a tablespoon of castor oil before going to bed.

Step 2

Chances are you might have to pass stool in the middle of the night.

Step 3

In the morning, you might have to go to the restroom for five or six times.

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