5 Amazing Benefits Of Oil Pulling You Should Know!

The therapy of oil pulling can be termed as an ancient Ayurvedic remedy that can cure many oral problems. In this article on the one simple exercise which can solve many oral problems information has been given on the advantages of oil pulling and the points to be taken care of.

How To Do Oil Pulling Properly?

Step:1 Take a teaspoon of coconut oil or sesame oil or sunflower oil.

Step:2 Put this tablespoon of oil in the mouth.

Step: 3 Swish the oil in the mouth for ten to fifteen minutes.

Step:4 Then spit out the oil and then brush your teeth properly.

The harmful bacteria and virus are pulled out from their safe corners into the oil and then eliminated. The other benefits are strengthening of gums, whitening of teeth, removal of bad breath etc.

oil pulling

The popular oils used are sesame, sunflower, coconut, palm and olives. The most preferred one is coconut oil, as it can give maximum benefits. Even more useful is the mixture of sesame and sunflower oil with coconut oil.

Although medical research is yet to delve into the medicinal aspects of oil pulling, it is estimated nearly thirty diseases can be eliminated by this method. Now let us look at some benefits in detail.

Benefits Of Oil Pulling

1. Whitening Of Teeth

oil pulling leads to whitening of teeth

The process takes out the bacteria and other harmful pathogens, and in turn, the teeth become polished. You also get relief from bad breath as the bacteria (Streptococcous mutant) get eliminated.

2. Increases Energy

Although the stomach houses good bacteria, the mouth is also home to harmful pathogens because of the food you consume. The immune system has to work more to eradicate the pathogens, and if the oral cavities are cleaned in the morning, you can feel better as more energy is saved.

3. Detoxes The Body

The pathogens are generated in the mouth and they can spread to other areas of the body. When the detoxification process occurs at the start, you get a facelift. The skin becomes lustrous.

4. Reduces Headaches

Migraine and headaches are reduced due to removal of toxins and perfect hormonal changes occur in the body.

Be Prepared Before Oil Pulling

This process has to be carried out as the first activity at the start of a day, prior to brushing the teeth. Practicing this process after consumption of food may lead to nausea.

There are some individuals who experience dryness in their mouth after sleep. They can drink water (two glasses) for hydration. The oil will become watery , and if the mouth is dry, it points to inadequate salivation.

cleaning of teeth after oil pulling

You should not swallow the oil. You have to spat it out – if by mistake, the oil is swallowed, you can experience stomach upset, or you may have to go to the rest room once or twice. After spitting the oil out, you can wash the mouth with warm water and then brush your teeth.

Also, you should not confuse oil pulling with brushing the teeth. The oil process can eliminate bacteria but cannot brush out the plaque or food particles stuck in the mouth.

In the initial stage, you might experience discomfort such as giddiness, but continue consistently and the symptoms will disappear after two to three days.

Kindly do not do this process for a week if you have undergone tooth extract or surgery.

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