15 Home Remedies For Sinus Infection (Sinusitis) That Cure

The sinuses can be described as air-filled spaces that are located at the rear of the forehead, eyes, cheeks, and nasal bones. When the sinuses are inflamed and congested, the symptom is known as a sinus infection, and it can be caused due to outdoor and indoor airborne allergens or any artificial additives. However, some amazing home remedies for sinus infection or sinusitis are known to cure. They help in fighting the degrading factors. Before we list them to you, let’s know about a few things in detail at first.

Did You Know?

About 37 million people in the United States suffer from one episode of Sinus Infection every year. Now, just think of it on a global scale! Sinusitis leaves many stressed for weeks or even months. You will be shocked to know that direct health care expenses for this ailment are more than $8 billion every year.

Types of Sinus Infections or Sinusitis

  • Acute Sinusitis: Main causes are a multiplication of bacteria in the sinus. The duration of discomfort is less than five weeks.
  • Chronic Sinusitis: Other than bacteria, the fungus also plays a major part in this body challenge. The duration of this discomfort is more than three months.

Causes of Sinusitis

The main reason for the infections is allergies and cold. The spread of mucus on a large scale on the sinus can lead to bacteria multiplying in large numbers and causing sinus infections.

The small hair present in the nose prevents the dust and other allergens from getting into the nasal passages. Due to cold and cough, the working ability of the hair diminishes; thus, leading to more mucus productivity. Finally, it blocks the sinus opening. The other causes include:

  • More consumption of dairy products such as ice cream, yogurt, milk, and cheese
  • Irritation caused by tobacco and pollution
  • Food allergies
  • Teeth infections

15 Best Home Remedies For Sinus Infection

home remedies for sinus

Ancient civilizations have used numerous treatments for sinus infections. These are clearly explained in reverse chronological order below. Please check them out.

15. Chinese Chastetree Leaves + Water

Vitex negundoScientifically known as Vitex negundo, Chastetree is a natural pain reliever, a muscle relaxant, anti-anxiety, an anti-asthma, a mosquito repellent, and so on. In fact, it is one of the well-known herbs in Ayurveda. Very few herbs are versatile and multipurpose like this. This plant has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to the recovery process much faster. Apart from treating sinus infections, it also treats intestinal worms, wounds, running nose, headaches, bronchitis, asthma, ringworms, anorexia, anxiety, memory problems, sleeping disorders, respiratory problems, etc. To try a remedy using Chastetree leaves for your sinus infection, follow the steps given below:

  • Step 1: Take some fresh chaste tree leaves and wash them thoroughly with water.
  • Step 2: Boil some water and add the leaves to it.
  • Step 3: Cover yourself with a towel and inhale its steam. This will relieve sinus and cold that is associated with it.

How Does This Work?

Chastetree leaves (or Vitex negundo) are aromatic and large flowering shrubs, which are known to have analgesic, antifungal, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties that potentially treat external injuries and skin infections. Besides this, it also acts as an insect repellent. The active compounds present in this herb include Phenol, Alkaloid-Vitricine, Dulcitol, Camphene, B-sitosterol, Pinenes (A & B), Acunbin, Angoside, Artemetin, Casticin, Orientin, etc.

Vitex Negundo Herb Is Not Good, If:

  • You are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • You are exceeding the treatment for more than one week.