10 Surprising Simple Methods To Get Relief From Depression

One of the most talked about emotional disorders that have been found rampant in America is depression affecting 18 million Americans. While it can be best defined as a mood state that can spread beyond the feelings of sadness or low energy, it can bring a negative effect on physical and mental health.

In this article home remedies for depression you will be given information on simple DIY methods that you can easily imbibe in your life or have proper diet to get relief from the discomfort.

Affects more than 15 million American adults, or about 6.7 percent of the U.S. population age 18 and older in a given year.

Home remedies for depression

The other common factors contributing to depression are drug addiction, mental stress, anxiety and in some individuals deficiencies of omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin B complex. Women are more prone to depression than men.

It has been proved that people who tend to suffer from depression will have physical changes (in brain). Research is still going on to determine the root of these causes.

  • Whether it is a headache or depression, neurotransmitters play a major role. When the significant amount of these chemicals is not produced in case of an emergency situation, the feelings tend to tilt towards depression.
  • Changes in hormones in the body can trigger depression. Usually, these symptoms may be seen in pregnancy or women with thyroid and menstrual problems.
  • The most common symptoms in depression are those of sadness, dejection, fatigue, lack of concentration, appetite loss and non-sleep. When any one of these feelings affects the day-to-day routine, you tend to become a person who suffers from distress.

Can you beat depression with a healthy diet? Of course, you can. Kindly read on…….

1. Need Healthy & Nutritious Diet

The body remains healthy when it is supplied with a healthy source of nutrients that support the immune system, repair as well as growth. The nutrients spoken about are minerals, vitamins, protein, carbohydrates and even fat is required in small quantities. A deficiency in these nutrients can lead to the body working to the minimum level and it can even lead to other simple ailments such as fever due to lack of immunity.

natural food remedy for depression

A. Components Of A Nutritious Diet

One of the major molecules which damage our body are the free radicals that damage our cells, contribute to age and dysfunction of cells. For effectively combating these molecules, a large amount of antioxidants such as Vitamins C, E and beta-carotene are required. Kindly take into account, these sources as they assist in combating symptoms of depression.

  1. Beta Carotene – Carrots, peaches, sweet potato, spinach, pumpkin, broccoli, apricots and cantaloupe.
  2. Vitamin C – Tomato, orange, grapefruit, blueberries, broccoli, strawberries, potatoes.
  3. Vitamin E – Vegetable oils, margarine, nuts & seeds.

B. Carbohydrates

For a positive mood, eat lots of carbohydrates because it boosts the mood changing chemical known as serotonin. That does not mean you can take in any food – limit sugary recipes such as cookies & cakes and add vegetables, legumes and fruits in the diet. An additional benefit is that it can contribute to healthy fibers.

C. Protein Food

Similar to carbohydrates, protein also contributes to the production of the chemical in the brain known as serotonin that can play a major part towards regulation of moods, including depression. It is advisable to include protein-rich resource in the diet everyday when you need positive feelings and boost the energy levels. Some examples of protein rich food are beef, fish, soy products, poultry and yogurt.

D. Vitamin D

It has been found that individuals suffering from lack of Vitamin D can suffer from depression. The receptors of this Vitamin are found in the brain, and research is still going on to find out the major link and causes between lack of Vitamin D and depression.

2. Wild salmon

Medical research has found that if you are depressed, it is because of some inflammatory proteins in the brain, spinal cord and blood. Salmon as well as fishes such as tuna, swordfish are abundant in omega-3 fatty acids that can assist in reducing inflammation. Having foods containing these water organisms can reduce the symptoms of depression. Salmon contains vitamins such as B12, protein and zinc that are important for health of brain. The brain can be regarded as the body’s regulator of moods. If you are low in EPA or omega-3 fatty acids, you can suffer from symptoms such as sleep disorders, anxiety and other negative feelings..

best home remedy to eliminate depression


3. Blue Berries

The blue berries are good in minerals and vitamins which can assist you to remain healthy such as manganese, copper, vitamin C, vitamin K and iron.

You can include blue berries in breakfast or as snacks in the evening instead of artificial sweetener foods.

home remedies to get rid of depression


4. Lentils

Lentils are known to be an abundant source for proteins that are essential for the health of the vital organ, brain. Persons having depression has been found to low levels of folate, the B vitamin that can reduce depression symptoms. Also, deficiency of iron can also promote feelings of depression. The good news – lentils also are good sources of iron. The folate vitamin can help in the development of red blood cells, and also plays a vital role in regulation of homocysteine levels in the human body.

You can have lentil in the diet. Some of them are quite famous such as lentil burgers as well as egg omlete for breakfast, as tacos, Persian lentil salad etc.

lentils for reducing depression

5. Avocado

Known as power-foods because they contain healthy fat that is essential for the functioning of the brain. The brain needs monosaturated fat that is present in avocado in the form of oleic acid. It also contains protein, vitamins such as Vitamin K, Vitamin B-9, B-6 and B-5. This fruit also contains minerals that assist in regular functioning of the body such as manganese, iron, phosphorus, manganese and zinc. It is also rich in folate. The result – ward off feelings of depression.

simple fruit home remedy to ward off depression

6. Walnuts

Since walnuts are considered one of the best nuts for omega-3 fatty acids, they are the ideal choice to get rid of depression. They also contain mineral such as magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, copper, manganese etc. They can also assist in lowering cholesterol as well promote heart health.

You can include walnuts as part of breakfast. You can also include them in snacks.

simple home remedy to ward off depression


7. Green Tea

It is known the world over, that this tea houses an excellent source of antioxidants.

The anti-depressant properties can be related to the amino acid known as theanine that gives an anti-stress effect. The amino acid triggers the formation of positive waves in the brain and makes the person relaxed. The neurotransmitters such as serotonin as well as dopamine are also produced in high amounts.

The neurotransmitter, serotonin can affect mood, appetite and the learning capability.

kitchen home remedy to reduce symptoms of depression

8. Exercise

The main positive effect of physical activity is it promotes confidence and self-esteem.

natural remedies for depression

For youngsters above 18, you can indulge in physical activity such as jogging, running, bodybuilding or enrolling in a martial arts class such as Karate or Aiki Ju Jitsu. For older individuals (a brisk walk in the park for forty minutes) can give the same positive results regarding depression.

The exercise makes the body release chemicals known as endorphins. The endorphins decrease the pain in the body as it interacts with the brain receptors. 

Exercise has been known to reduce stress, stem off the feelings of depression and anxiety, boost self-confidence, improve levels of sleep, lowers the blood pressure. The main positive effects are increasing the energy levels, reducing the blood pressure and body fat, improvement in strength and give you the appearance of a fit and energetic individual.

9. Meditation

The most difficult task according to humankind is to control the mind. Meditation has to come naturally. Consistent practice is essential to enter into a state of Bliss and to slowly decrease the triggers of depression.

simple home remedies for depression

For this practice, you will need a quiet place and spend some time with yourself.

3 Simple Way to do Proper Meditation,

  • You can turn off the phone, and turn the attention on breathing and gently attempt to concentrate on the thoughts. Kindly remember, mind cannot be brought to a standstill all of a sudden.
  • The first three minutes, let all the thoughts enter your mind. The next five minutes concentrate on your breathing. Any thought comes to your mind, acknowledge and then let go.
  • Do not try to stop thoughts, as you would be drawing negative energy. There are numerous ways of doing meditation and we have given the easiest method.

The technique is known for giving a deep sense of relaxation and calm mind. In meditation, as you walk along the path, you can streamline the thoughts instead of jumbled ones that can raise blood pressure and in the last stage give rise to depression.

When you are exposed to an unfamiliar situation, the response you give is related to the “adrenaline rush” because of secretion of hormones such as “norepinephrine” or “epinephrine (adrenaline).” This results in enhanced blood circulation and blood pressure with pulse rate.

10. Pumpkin Seeds

The pumpkin seeds have rich sources of magnesium and healthy fats that can boost your confidence and lighten the moods of depression. So mix pumpkin seeds with salt to give a little boost to the taste.

best home remedies for depression


The seeds consist of L-tryptophan, the amino acid that is essential for the production of serotonin, the positive mood-enhancing drug.

4 Best Ways To Prevent Depression

Depression can be rectified, provided you have a supportive family. However, listed below are some of the self-care tips that can be of help:

1. Have Consistency If You Have Enrolled In A Plan

Kindly do not skip any of the psychotherapy classes or appointments. In case of illness, seek the guidance of a doctor if you have to skip medications. If you stop medications or classes, the symptoms may revert and you will experience withdrawal symptoms.

2. Research and Know The Right & Wrong

Search on the internet regarding depression or speak to a counselor. Knowledge about the condition you are in, can motivate to enroll in a treatment plan. If your family is concerned, encourage them to attend a class so that they can support you in your quest for normal health.

3. Notice Warning Signs

It might take two or three sessions with the therapist or doctor for pinpointing the trigger to symptoms of depression. It is better to have a plan on what to do in case of depression symptoms. Family members or close relatives/friends can be a help, to look for warning signs.

4. Refrain From Alcohol And Other Drugs

Drinking of alcohol and taking other drugs may give a high at first, however, it will only be some time when symptoms will get worse and depression will be harder to treat. You can once again, seek the services of a doctor/therapist to assist in drug abuse.



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