100 Most Common Diseases And Their Home Remedies

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45.Smallpoxworst diseases to live with

Fact: Smallpox is one of the acute diseases in the world. It is caused due to the virus called variola and can easily spread from one person to the other. Once an individual is affected by this virus, the initial symptoms will begin within 12 to 14 days, which include prostration, headache, fever, severe backache, vomiting, and abdominal pain.

The worse part comes after this. The patient will have a sudden drop in the body temperature followed by the appearance of rashes on the hands, face, forearms, and trunk. If left untreated, it can turn fatal.

Remedy 1:

  • Step 1: Make a paste of red sandalwood powder.
  • Step 2: Apply on the smallpox blisters to relieve itching.

Remedy 2:

  • Step 1: Boil some fresh red raspberry leaves in 2 cups of water.
  • Step 2: When the quantity turns to 1 cup, filter it and drink when it is cool.

44. Poliodeadly diseases without cure

Fact: Polio is an extremely infectious disease. It is caused by a virus, which attacks the nervous system and paralyses the entire body within a few hours. It mainly occurs in children below the age five. Sadly, once polio attacks a human, there is no treatment. It can only be prevented via pre-polio vaccines.

Note: There is no cure for polio. But can be prevented with the following remedies. But use these tips only as an adjunct. The primary way to prevent this deadly disease is polio vaccines.

Remedy 1:

  • Step 1: Spice up the dish enough coriander seeds powder.
  • Step 2: You can even drink coriander juice to prevent polio.

Remedy 2:

  • Step 1: Intense ayurvedic massages helps in alleviating the pain and paralysis that has occurred.
  • Step 2: Meet an ayurvedic professional and have the paralyzed muscles to repair. Though this doesn’t cure the problem, it helps to some extent.

43. Depressioncommon psychological disorders

Fact: Depression is one the most common mental disorders that affects about 350 million people in the world. Sadly, it also includes children. World Health Organization states that depression is one of the leading causes of suicides, disabilities, and other major diseases. If the problem is not identified and treated early, it can bring up suicidal thoughts in the patient.

Remedy 1:

  • Step 1: Crush about 12 – 14 almonds and mix it with a tablespoon of organic honey.
  • Step 2: Eat a tablespoon of this mixture two times a day morning and night to fight depression.

Remedy 2:

  • Step 1: Eat fresh, grilled or steamed asparagus thrice a week.
  • Step 2: Alternatively, you can even boil powdered asparagus in 2 cups of water. Filter and allow it to be cool. Drink the decoction to fight against depression.

42. Hepatitis Cliver related diseases

Fact: Hepatitis can be classified into 5 types, among which Hepatitis C is reported to be one of the most common liver diseases. The most common ways the infection starts is via insufficient sterilization of medical equipments, transfusion of untested blood and unsafe vaccination practices. Hepatitis C affects millions of people in the world every year. An estimated 130 – 150 of the global population suffer from chronic hepatitis C, who eventually develops liver cancer or liver cirrhosis.

Remedy 1:

  • Step 1: Boil a glass of milk.
  • Step 2: Mix a teaspoon of turmeric powder. Stir well and drink two times a day.

Remedy 2:

  • Step 1: Chew 1 – 2 fresh garlic cloves a day.
  • Step 2: The compound allicin in garlic helps in detoxifying the liver naturally.

41. Melanomacommon skin cancers

Fact: Melanoma is one of the most common and deadly skin cancers. The prevalence rate of this disease has doubled since the year 1973. About 132,000 people are diagnosed with melanoma every year. It is among the rapidly increasing forms of skin cancer and sadly, millions of people die from it every year. The highest incidence of melanoma is seen in regions like New Zealand and Australia.

Remedy 1:

  • Step 1: Include turmeric in your daily diet.
  • Step 2: The compound curcumin in turmeric protects the skin from further damage.

Remedy 2:

  • Step 1: Eggplant is another great food for treating melanoma naturally.
  • Step 2: Eggplants have a compound called Cura derm BEC5, which amazingly works on melanoma.
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